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timetoreclaim 10-31-2008 12:12 AM

pain and itching with a negative culture
I have been in pain and itchy a total of 2ish months now. It's been over a month since I was diagnosed with BV and given metrogel ( I tried yeast creme first before diagnosis). I haven't been pain and itch free a day. Long story I finally got the results of the last week long I guess culture and they said it was negative, I assume for yeast and bacteria infection. The labia is red in the folds and at the vaginal opening. It burns and itches and feels really dry. I can't stand anything touching my skin, even the shower water hurts if it's too warm.

Anyone go through this and have any idea what to look for here? I see a tiny bit of white sort of thick but not clumpy discharge. Nothing much really but not "normal".

I was told to try hydrocortisone cream 2x a day and see if that helps.

I have a gyno appt finally next week and I'm wondering what to tell him or ask him to test or just anything. I'm so tired of this pain.

neffie663 10-31-2008 08:50 AM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
possible vaulvadina look it up

timetoreclaim 11-08-2008 08:34 AM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
I went to the Gyn appt and I wasn't very impressed. I was given the advice to try salt rinses or baths and gynolotrimine. I was also given a script for Yaz in case it is hormonal and to cover some other issues. So essentially I'm STILL on my own to find some relief. All he did was take a culture and look on a slide and say it doesn't look like I have an infection. They all act like this is some rare thing they have never heard of and keep sending me home. It seems like because it isn't life threatening they just don't really care.

stacy918 11-08-2008 06:15 PM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
Did he actually send it in for a culture??
or did he just look at it under a slide.
You cannot see candida glabrata yeast under a slide. Look up glabrata vaginitis.
Try boric acid....I have the same. You have to see a specialist. Gyns don't know and they do not care about this.

timetoreclaim 11-08-2008 07:56 PM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
How is the boric acid doing with it? What kind of a specialist? The Gyn only did a slide exam of the culture. A couple weeks ago a culture was done by a Nurse Pract and it was sent out for a week and came back negative they said. What are your symptoms?

They are thinking it is hormones I guess. But the thing is, the itching or pain because it changes is both on the vulva and the anal area and it gets red when it has anything irritating touching it. Well seriously I can't sit comfortably without pain after a few minutes. Then I get a dry burn and later it turns to itch. If the water is too warm in the shower it even causes the whole flare of burn and itch.

I wish I knew if hormones would make both the anal and vulva have the same symptoms.

stacy918 11-09-2008 01:36 AM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
Mine is a long story. Two years ago I took a long dose of antibiotics for my stupid. Got a reoccuring yeast infection (just itchy) that would come back every three weeks. Would treat myself with Monistat 1 or 3 which now I know creates resistant infections. Eventually I started using Monistat 7. End of June 2007 was midway treating myself when the itch turned to a burn. NOTHING would take away this burn and I mean nothing. And the funny thing is no doctor could see any yeast on the slide. But I burned like nuts. Took diflucan like 12 times through the month of july 07 but not for days in a row, which may have been my mistake. Nystatin vaginal tabs helped a little, terazol didn't touch it, but maybe I did not use for long enough. Boric Acid helped a lot but it is also anti inflammatory. Look up yeast arrest, that is boric acid. Responded to a three week course of oral itraconazole, but I became resistant during treatment. Finally at the beginning of October 2007, a nurse practitioner gave me Gynazole 1, and that knocked it out, one dose. Now in August 2008, I get another burning pain.I haven't taken any antibiotics, nothing.. My burning is vulvar. It feels like a chemical burn. So I go right to the gynazole. I get relief for a week, and then it comes back. Here I go again. Just did 25 days of boric acid, and I am flaring up now. I am due for my period in about a week,maybe that is why. My symptoms stop during my period. Still I never culture for yeast, but I have heard that the resistant kinds need 30 day cultures and no one has done that for me. The specialist I went to in Rochester NY also told me that yeast can invade your tissues and your skin and a biopsy is needed to determine that. I will believe I have yeast until I get another diagnosis just based on my history. I have a long history of antibiotic use.
Look up glabrata yeast on this site and on the net...see what you find.
There are specialists who deal with resistant yeasts and difficult to diagnose vaginal infections. Look on the net, call around, I may next try to see a reproductive endrocrinologist. I do believe this is hormonal.
Right now I am putting a few drops of tea tree oil on a wet tampon and inserting it, this is helping, and tea tree is antifungal so I do believe it is yeast.
I am also working with a nutritionist, taking supplements, doing liver flushes, etc.
Something has to click...this is ruining my life. Does any of this sound like you.

stacy918 11-09-2008 01:38 AM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
Also I wouldn't start yaz or anything else hormonal until you know what you are dealing with.

jennifer82 12-20-2008 02:20 AM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
I posted this earlier but I feel obligated to pass on anything that helps.

I'm no doctor, but I've done my research on this and I have to say this has absolutely worked for me. I take a probiotic daily to avoid dryness and yeast infections. I take Lactobacillus acidopholus. I bought in at a pharmacy over the counter. When I looked up this probiotic, I learned it helps digestion, your immune system and helps you if you've taken antibiotics for instance. I've had a little tiny bit of itching but no yeast infections or dryness like some. And this probiotic helps prevent yeast and urinary tract infections. I really wish my gyno had told me this, but they just hand you a box and say "see ya later" very annoying. So anyhow, pass it around, and I really hope it helps. This is not for some people, especially people with compromised immunes systemns. Check with your doctor, but normally probiotics are exremely helpful and help restore your body's natural bacteria. My major issue is my sinus and post nasal drip. It is the ONLY problem I'm having. It is driving me NUTS.

jennifer82 12-20-2008 02:24 AM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
You should stop using everything, including health store stuff. It sounds like you have destroyed all your natural bacteria, like I said before, try to restore it using a probiotic. Worth a try. Good luck. I felt like that when I took too many antibiotics and yeast infection meds both oral and topical. Took a probiotic and within days I was better.

jacke22 02-09-2009 01:16 PM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
I used to have the pain and itching, but it is now a fading memory.
I was on long term atb therapy for IC, Interstitial Cystitis (which is a symptom of advanced yeast infection in the bladder and/or vagina and/or gut), and have also abused atbs without ever going on any antifungal therapy for the past twenty years +. I was taking daily doses of diflucan for a month, with no effects. I had a herx early on, then kind of plateaued. Nystatin oral and vag tablets worked a little. Baking soda douches help. Haven't tried boric acid or flucytosine. I continue to keep a close eye on the sugars. All of this is helping a lot, but there is a faint trace left. This problem took a long time to build up, and it will take a long time to build down. This isn't a condition that can be cured in one course of atfs, of course it will come back. This yeast is deeply embedded in the tissues of the pelvic region, and can infest the joints and CNS fluid as well as any organ in the body.

Recurrent UTI's and yeast infections is the effect of past long term malnutrition, multiple deficiencies and multiple toxicities, no matter how well you think you are eating now, whether organic, expensive supplements, wheatgrass etc. These are all good things to do and continue to do, but they are not enough to eradicate the systemic fungus that took hold of the body. One of the top toxicities are those of fluoride and bromide, both displacing iodine, iodine deficiency is one of the main roots of the recurrent/chronic yeast infections, and other acute infections, which later lead to more chronic illnesses. Cut out tap water, and fluoride toothpaste. Please google a video titled the fluoride deception and watch, it will explain why so many people today believe that fluoride is good for you despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Also cut out white bread, has bromide in it. Bromide is yet another halogen that displaces iodine, contributing to iodine deficiency and further infections.

Iodine is one of nature's best antifungal, anti bacterial, and anti parasitic element. this is not a new finding, this is not new knowledge, this was known a long long time ago. Lugol is a French man that found a connection between iodine deficiency and infections. Concentrated iodine solutions are now named after him. Dont take my word for it, google to verify and evaluate everything I wrote. Google SSKI for infections and how the RDA for iodine is too low for a healthy infection free life.

Also, please don't douche with povidone iodine solution though, found in OTC medicated douches. Povidone is a very toxic substance. Try Lugol's solution, sold on ebay and marine product shops, and make your own medicated douches at home. don't mix with tap water! use reverse osmosis or distilled water.

Some scientists believe that there is no such thing as iodine allergy. Everyone without a goiter have some iodine in them. People that think they have an allergy to iodine, are most likely allergic to something else in the product, such as the povidone, or something else in the shellfish. Maybe the shellfish was bad...

Another piece of the puzzle lies in that dermatologist urge their patients to cut out anything with iodine in it because it flares up acne. But this is a herx effect of the fungus dying off, making acne worse before it gets better. Most acne and eczema are symptoms of a silent systemic fungal epidemic. Therefore this is yet another way that people are starving their body from iodine. At the top of the list for iodine defiency reasons is that the typical
American diet does not include kelp and seaweed, sea salt, or sea food, all of which can be high in iodide, I hardly know anyone that eats fish regularly or any sort of sea vegetation type things. It used to be that produce used to contain a good amount of iodine, grown from good organic nutrient and iodine rich soil. What we get now is stripped of everything, full of fluoride from the industrial waste ridden tap water irrigation and washing/rinsing, pesticides and herbicides. What we buy now only looks like produce but it might as well be an empty shell.

One type of fungus, called candida is known to produce 79 different toxins each with its own effect on the body, and can mimic things such as depression, auto immune disease, can cause cancer (which is due to an injury that can't heal), leave the body prone to other infections, bloating that won't go away, gas, etc etc etc.

Although, sugar is a bad thing if you have a systemic fungal infection, I found that when you mix 1 part aluminum free baking soda (not baking powder) and 3 parts natural sugar of any kind, such as organic maple syrup, then sugar becomes a great weapon against yeast. A chemical change takes place, the sugar and the salt are fused; this mixture is supposedly more effective than boric acid. but very safe and dirt cheap. Mix an amount that's palatable to you approximately the proportions mentioned, in water, simmer until most of the bubbling is gone, 15-30 minutes. smells and tastes like pretzels. You can sip on this all day long. (not recommended for those with bp and renal problems) if it does not taste like pretzels, then you put too much baking soda. yeasts are by nature attracted to the sugar, but the alkalinity of the baking soda will weaken or kill them off right at the source. This recipe has also been used as a remedy to cancer when chemotherapy and all other toxic conventional therapy has failed.

alexis1234 02-10-2009 10:29 AM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
So when you had the ic, you just think it was related to the yeast, not to a bacteria?

What do you think was the most helpful in getting to the point where it is a fading memory:)

I am dealing with the glabrata and doing different treatments to get rid of it.


jacke22 02-10-2009 05:30 PM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture

I am pretty sure it was both, because D-mannose helped a lot and so did the amoxicillin, but only to a point. Once I got my bacterial infection reduced, the problem beneath it all surfaced, and it was and still is a very tenacious yeast infection. I think bacteria was masking the effects the yeast was having on my body. I could not feel anything, no itching, no pain, just IC. Now that the bacteria is out of the way, I feel the IC and the yeast as one, without anything in the way.

the vag tract and the bladder share a wall in common. that wall is very thin. if you have a yeast infection that got entrenched in the wall of one, it is simultaneously in the wall of the other. therefore, it is very plausible that an IC bladder could be a yeast infection of the bladder, complicated with other bacterial infections that are very rare, due to the resulting severe immunosuppression caused by the yeast. In essence, the bladder is susceptible to other infections that you would normally never get, such as mycoplasma, klebsiella, enterococcus, ureaplasma. most of these bugs are not detected through conventional lab methods. also, these are bugs that usually infect AIDS pts, the frail elderly, people on corticosteroid type meds that immunosuppress, hospitalized pts, in other words people with really weak defenses.

How did the bladder get this weak? Antibiotic abuse. Years of atb use, or for some 1 course of atbs, is all it takes for yeast to take hold of the body most likely via the vag tract and/or intestines. This fungus literally becomes a parasite living off of you and thriving off of what you consume and your tissues. The more sugary and acidic the better they can survive. This is a major contributing factor to why the pelvic area of the ICer feels so raw.

Glabrata is very hard to deal with, with common drugs. Some say they have had luck with gynazole, and boric acid suppositories, i think yeastaway is one brand. I suggest make your own, it's cheaper and just as effective. look it up. Boric acid is basically borax and sulfuric acid. Borax is a weaker compound for atf purposes. but boric acid will burn you if your vag tract has open wounds such as ulcers or other bleeding injuries, due to the yeast being out of control. If that is the case, I suggest, get the ulcers or open wounds healed with milder, and soothing atfs such as frequent, mild baking soda douches, with oil of oregano, tea tree oil, and nystatin powder, tablets or pills dissolved in water, for several days, until you can feel it's now raw anymore. q 4 -3 hrs, or when you feel symptoms come back, don't use tap water if you can help it, used distilled or reverse osmosis water. when you hit a plateau, try mild boric acid douches for some time, before you actually try the whole capsule. also be very careful about consuming too much sugars or you will be directly feeding your worst enemy.

I can't really pin point what exactly helped me the most, if i had to guess i would say the iodine and the antifungals. I am convinced I would have never developed IC or recurrent UTI's had I had enough of this daily all my life. (Please read my other posts and do your own searches on iodine).
If i hadn't started on long term atb therapy, I would have never found out that I had a fungal problem. I had no symptoms, no visual signs, no itching.

IC has many layers and components that need to be addressed. Dealing with IC is about nutrition/supplementation, sugar limitation, alkalizing, atbs, atf's. You have to do them all at once. You can't force the body to heal overnight as this illness took a long time to develop. Years and most likely decades.

alexis1234 02-11-2009 07:53 AM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
I used antibiotics for an infection as well for a while and that is how the glabrata came about. But with glabrata the issue is to acidify the area. That is how it is different from the other yeasts and that is why a lot of people benefit from boric acid...since it changes the alkalinity of the area which allows this yeast to grow to a more acidic environment. I am using boric acid now and hoping it will work. I will look up the iodine. Thanks for the tip.

I don't have IC in that it is not painful. I don't have burning, or urgency or frequency. I don't have pain when the bladder fills up. I don't wake up in the middle of the night. My bladder is irritated and I do believe it is from the yeast, since it has been there a while and maybe what you mentioend that there is a thin wall between the vag./bladder. drives me nuts.

You're lucky in that the antifungals are working you.


jacke22 02-12-2009 02:51 PM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture

sounds like you have very minor IC symptoms, but not full blown IC. Most likely because you are aware of the yeast problem, unlike ICers, who let it go on for years because they have no idea it's connected to a yeast infection without visual signs and without noticeable symptoms from the vag tract.

and yes, I agree with you about the acidity. Lately when I douche with alkaline things sx's comes back. Then when I do an acidic douche it goes away.

Fortunately, it is well documented that IC symptoms vanish and can stay away for years as long as you keep the fungus under control, or can revert it back to just being a harmless part of your flora, by healing the open wounds and eradicating it from the tissues and blood.

Please keep us all updated if you choose to go the iodine route too. I have no doubts it'll be very effective.



TosinMA 02-12-2009 03:29 PM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
I, too, have vaginal pain and itching with negative cultures. Although I had a specialist once tell me I had yeast glabrata, but I never put it into consideration that it could be the reason for my symptoms STILL. I have always been under the impression its been bacterial - even though I get some relief with antibiotics. Stacy, you mentioned that it could be hormonal, I believe that too. Have you seen a doctor and have you had your hormones tested yet? I'm considering it. Does anyone also have irritation and itching around your urethra? I also get a "warm" feeling in my vagina - my doctor told me that it caused from inflammation. anyone else have this too? I've been so scared that this has been a bacteria, but I have been tested with PCR tests (very accurate) and tissue cultures that take forever, and they have all come back negative. Any advice? I also feel I have less discharge than usual (I have more when I am normal). Which is another reason why I think this could be hormonal. This has been going on for over three years.

alexis1234 02-13-2009 07:50 AM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture

See if you can do a fungal culture. They test that for a month to see if any yeast grows. The discharge with the glabrata is very minimal and it doesn't resemble the typical yeast..."thick, curdlike" at all.


TosinMA 02-13-2009 02:49 PM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
My symptoms are not of a typical yeast infection. I had a "typical yeast infection" five years ago, and this was NOTHING like it. I have hardly any discharge - and when I do, it is whitish, not curdlike, but in one clump, but not very elastic like egg whites, kind of like the consistency of conditioner. It itches and my vulvar area burns, along with itch irritation around my urethra. I went to a Dr. in New York City who diagnosed me with yeast galbrata immediately. Apparantly he is a guru in vaginitis, he should be for the amount I paid! It took me so long to figure out what was wrong because it is little to no discharge, a lot of burning, with a lot of negative test results.

I started taking garlinase orally, along with acidophilus. I noticed that I don't have as much burning, and my energy levels are higher already! (I have felt so lathargic since I've had this issue). I am going to try the garlinase vaginally in a few days, I started a gynosal 1 treatment on monday, I feel somewhat better. I also ordered grapefruit seed oil and am waiting for that to come in as well.

I've noticed throughout the years, since I've had this, that I crave sweets more, and when I do consume sweets, I get more irritated vaginally. I also have had itching in my ears and pain - but no infection, and I recently learned that this is caused by yeast. So its definitely systematic for me. That would explain why I have been so sleepy as well, even with a full nights sleep. And my mood swings are off the charts.
For that past two years I have been on antitbiotics, several different kinds, at least 9 or 10 times, along with an IV treatment of antibiotics over the summer. So I have no doubt that yeast is what is causing my issue.

Has anyone hard of ThreeLac? I have read good and bad reviews on it for treating yeast, so I am reluctant to try it.


Nenita84 08-13-2009 12:34 PM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
Hello, perhaps I can help you with my experience..
About a year ago I started to feel very itchy down there, and burning too.. in the past i did develop about 3 yeast infections but they would go away with the proper treatment ( nystatin for 2 weeks, or monistat for 10 days.. yes 10 days. ) The thing is that i thought I had yeast infection again so i would use the treatment.. but this time i never fully recovered.. i still had itch and burning.. that's when my curse started.. I got damn scared abot perhaps having some hidden STD.. went to many gynos always with negative tests, always negative yeast cultures.. so I couldn't figure this out.. why would i still be tchy and so irritated if i had nothing?? gynos alwas told me "just forget about it, it's all in your head" .. i was so frustrated, I tried the candida diet, natural remedies.. everthing!!! ( At least i lost so many pounds,,, jajaj) nothing seemed to work and i was pretty much feeling like i would just have to get used to it.. my own embarrasing curse.. until.. I tried the aloe vera tampon.. it actually worked!!!!!!! for 2 days, but worked!!! I had 2 days of happiness in a whole year, which actually i felt so grateful for.. so i just figured that my whole life i've suffered with skin conditions, like dry skin, eccemas, very sensitive skin.. so i thought that aloe vera helped me because it healed the irritation I researched about products for very sensitive skin.. and came across Eucerin, which is a brand specially created for problem skins.. i just bought this intimate wash.. and i cant belive it already.. the first day i used it .. i felt 50% better, and it's been a week now and I've had 2 happy days, and some 80% to 90% relief... so what is the conclusion???? I just had very dry skin.. i mean.. if the skin of your body is already sensitive of course the vaginal tissues are so much more sensitives.. so please.. try this one out.. I know there are several brands outhere, I tried a very good one first called lactacyd.. which is an excellent product but is not for sensitive skin, the eucerin product is bit "oily" so actually leaves your vagina moist and protected.. the eucerin product have many many medical studies about helping with many skin conditions, even psoriasis, so please try this one out...!!!
Im so damn happy about this.. i cant belive it, in just one week im pretty much myself again after a year and a half...

best wishes!

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