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  • Confusing Symptoms, =/ ((help, please??))

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    Confusing Symptoms, =/ ((help, please??))

    First I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I am a 20 year old female and all I know is that a year ago I was healthy. Now a days, not so much.

    First of all, some background that may prove useful, is that ever since I've started my period for the first time it has always caused me excrutiating pain. The pain from my periods will be so bad I will go from having violent chills to horrible sweats and then will black out from the horrific pain. Often times I will black out and regain consciousness and black out numerous times in a row (it's awful).

    Everything started going downhill last April. I took up two jobs because I had a lot of energy, but it was hard for me to eat regular meals. This result caused me to have some symtpoms of acid reflux. After coughing up blood my doctor prescribed Prevacid for two months after an upper GI showed irritation. I could tell that the Prevacid worked because there was a difference in the way I was feeling a matter of days after taking it. I bring this up because later (in september) my doctor put me back on Prevacid, which did not help at all, (more on this later).

    After I ate my regular meals and took the Prevacid I went back to being healthy...until July. Early July I was beginning to feel run down easily. It didn't take much to wear me out. Fatigue was really making me unable to participate in some activities. After an especially violent period my mother thought it necessary to schedule my first OBGYN visit. The OBGYN did not seem to care about the extent of pain I was in when I go through my period. She told me to take two aleeve and wear a heating pad. Well, she wasn't a bright one because I always would try and take something but my periods are so violent nothing ever works!! She scheduled an ultrasound for me after she said she felt something strange on one side, she commented that perhaps my ovary was just deformed (in a nice way, of course). Also, she put me on birth control, microgestin.

    The OBGYN said that the ultrasound showed an enlarged ovary. She dismissed it saying that since I described such painful periods she strongly felt that it was due to trauma and was inflammed. She patted me on the back and sent me on my way telling me that all women suffer from cramps.

    After starting the birth control pill I started having some really nasty side affects. After an alarming chest pain that brought me to my knees in late august the OBGYN told me to immediatly stop taking the pill and visit my doctor. Back in the doctors office in september she told me that she felt my acid reflux had returned (even though I had no same symptoms) and put me on Prevacid for a month. The prevacid didn't help and I was having increasing symptoms of abdominal discomfort, pains, and feeling full all the time. A month later she tried putting me on Aciphex for a month. It didn't help either. By the time November came I had no energy, my abdominal symptoms were horrible. My abdomen was swelling up, I looked pregnant, I was really belchy and by the week of thanksgiving I was desperately trying to see a doctor, but they were all away for the holiday. I went without a period from July-Nov 4th. My period Nov 4th was very irregular.

    The day after Thanksgiving I ended up in the ER where they did a really sloppy job with me. I woke up in the middle of the night with my lower abdomen bulging out, chills, a rapid heart beat, and intense pain. The doctor who was treating me was clearly new and suggested that I was suffering from a stomach flu or constipation. He ordered a CT. After the results they told me that I had a ruptured cyst. There was a lot of free pelvic fluid and fluid withing the endometrical canal (i have no idea what this is or means). They also discovered that I may have a bicornuate uterus. The doctor didn't really know how to explain the medical terms to me and he kept looking them up for himself. He told me that he thought the growth was benign and shifted his head around a little. (But what does think mean anyway??) Bottom line was that he told me to make a visit with my OBGYN asap.

    The OBGYN told me that I would go back to feeling normal in a day, since it was three days after my ER visit that I saw her. I still had a fever (they never took my temp in the ER) and my abdomen was still swollen and I was still having bad pains. Well, it took two weeks for my fever to go away. She said I needed to have a transvaginal ultrasound scheduled, but only after my mother was unsatisfied with the attention the doctors were giving me.

    I did get my period Dec 9th, but only for a day, and it was very abnormal (a lot of clots but barely any blood flow ((sorry)). It took a while for me to sort out my syptoms after my ER visit, but after the cyst clearing up I realized that they never really went away and that I'm having new ones as well.

    Mid-Dec I started seeing a dark red blood along with bowel movements. It will usually stay for the entire day, disappear for 5-7 days and then come back. There is no pain associated with this and it is not triggered by food or the such like. My abdominal discomfort is still there (every day) and the pains in my lower abdomen are getting worse. The fatigue is horrible and now the pain from my abdomen will numb my upper leg and make my back hurt. I cannot finish meals, I get full really fast. My abdomen will swell up every now and then and will bulge in one area sometimes.

    I saw a gastro dr. the other day and he performed a rectal exam and found no tears or hemeroids. He did not suspect IBS, but is considering it, because of all the problems I've been having. He stated it might be inflammation but is not sure because the CT did not show any colon inflammation. He ordered a colonoscopy and endoscopy (I have to wait til late march). He then felt around in my abdomen and said he felt something abnormal on the one side that will bulge out every now and then. He stated that he didn't know why I would be bleeding the way I am and told me I needed to go back to my OBGYN (i'm scheduled to see a new one jan 28) and let her know everything that is going on. I am still on a waiting list for a transvag ultrasound.

    I'm just really upset because my primary care doctor is not taking me serious about my symptoms and told me that because of my age I am most likely stressed out. While stress affects everyone, I know that right now there is nothing significant that can be causing enough stress to make me sick. I'm also upset because my mother is getting frustrated with me because of my lack of energy and not being able to help her out as much. Also, I am continuously in somesort of pain or discomfort, it is really affecting my overall health and my life. I haven't really gotten any doctors to take me seriously about this. I realize it may be another cyst but why would my symptoms not have cleared up at all but only have gotten worse and spread to new areas??

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but I've been trying to find answers for a while now, =/ ...any information would be very much appreciated! I'm just worried it could be something serious because of the extent and persistence of my symptoms.

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    Re: Confusing Symptoms, =/ ((help, please??))

    Hi MandyMartin

    Did the doctors ever manage to find out what was causing your symptoms

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    Re: Confusing Symptoms, =/ ((help, please??))


    I am so sorry to hear of all your problems. It is no fun when you know that there is something wrong and nobody will listen.

    Have you tried going to some of the major teaching hospitals in Chicago?
    At this point, I would suggest getting all of your records from all the providers that have seen you, including your ER visits. I would than talk to some of your friends, see who they see and maybe you can get some recommendations. You say in you're post that you are scheduled to see a new doctor on Thursday, go into this appointment with a list of questions and concerns. You should be able to go directly to the hospitals you visited and get copies of all the lab and radiology reports. Everything is on computers now, so they should be able to print copies of these reports for you in the medical records department. Read over these reports and highlight details that you do not understand and asked this doctor to please explain the report to you.
    Is your mother a good advocate, will she speak up to your not feeling well and that it is now time to do some heavy duty diagnostic testing?
    You know your body and quite a bit of the information that you have written does not sound normal and apparently a few doctors have mentioned some abnormal findings. I have never heard of a waiting list for a transvag ultasound. Are you having this ultasound in a private office where the ultasound tech only comes in on certain days? See if this new doctor can order an immediate ultasound.
    Good luck on Thursday and let me know how you do.

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