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Cyst near clitoris + itch - PLEASE HELP!!

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Old 06-16-2009, 09:58 AM   #1
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sillymonkey HB User
Cyst near clitoris + itch - PLEASE HELP!!

Hello! I am really hoping I might find some help here, either with actual health advice or with people who have experienced something very similar. My searches online have not exactly helped. My visits to doctors haven't helped either.

About a year and a half ago I noticed a bump just near my clitoris. It wasn't painful or anything, it's presence just disturbed me. I was able to shrug it off for a while until someone noticed it in bed with me. While he did not add to this, it was extremely embarrassing to have someone else point out for you. I immediately went to Planned Parenthood. A few people took a gander at it (fun). All seem entirely unworried about any STD or major "problem". They suggested I see someone more specialized at another of their offices to discuss removal, since it was so close to my clitoris. In the months that followed, I scheduled many appointments with that next doctor, which would have to get cancelled due to work and other obligations. About a month and half after that initial visit I began having an itch problem as well. No odor, no discharge, just an excruciating itch. I self-medicated with some old Diflucan I had. It recurred for about 2 months. I self-medicated just before my period each month and it worked. One month it didn't come back...when it did the following month, and I had no more Diflucan, I had to visit another clinic (no insurance!). I had, yet another doctor take a gander (good times). I don't think he had any idea or words of advice. He just gave me Diflucan and sent me on my way. I have since gotten a full-time job with benefits and immediately made plans for my Gyno visit to discuss this with my new doctor. I kept the appointment I had made with the Planned Parenthood doctor I had been referred to anyway, for another opinion. The doctor through my health plan didn't think the itch and the bump were related at all. He prescribed some Diflucan and advised me to take it when my next period ended to end this itch cycle. As for the bump, he said it was nothing to worry about and said no guy would even notice it (to which I mentioned that one actually already had). He seemed extremely confident he could remove it with no problems. Later that same day I got to visit the other Planned Parenthood people. I had a few more people take a gander. This doctor said it was a cyst. She also did not think it was problematic, other than just uncomfortable to have in that spot. She recommended I start seeking someone who can remove it, but to be careful with this, as it is a very sensitive area to do that type of removal.

The bump seems to be the same, though I can't see it easily all that often. I just feel it every time I go to the bathroom and wipe.

I have had some other things to take care of since then (about 2 months ago). I did not have horrible itch last month and wasn't near my prescription at the end of my period to take the Diflucan at the proper time. It is back again this month and I am about to take this Diflucan tomorrow.

My questions:
1. Will taking a Diflucan at the end of my period really stop the itch?
2. What do I do if it doesn't? I can't afford this pill multiple times and it is not healthy to be on that all the time.
3. Do I schedule an appointment to have this cyst removed?
4. Should I be worried that the doctor who is ready to remove it didn't seem at all concerned about it's location when all the other people who looked at it were?
5. Are the itch and the cyst related?

All of this has caused me to not pursue anything physical with anyone...for about 9 months now. That's not a huge problem, but when will it end? I am embarrassed by the bump...and don't want to past this yeast-type infection (whatever it is) to anyone else. I am probably leaving this job very soon and will have a limited time to take care of things. I am just not sure what this actual IS...or what I should actually DO about it. Nearly every one who has looked at it doesn't seem to feel removal is necessary except for the aesthetics of it and my being uncomfortable with it. I don't want just anyone chopping around down there!

Please oh please help me in any way you possibly can!

Thank you!!

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Re: Cyst near clitoris + itch - PLEASE HELP!!

Taking Diflucan regualrly is not a good idea. First of all, its an anti-yeast, it will stop working and can cause you other health concerns if taken for too long.
Cysts do NOT cause itchiness! Not unless its simply rubbing against your clothing, underwear, etc and the rubbing is what is causing the itch...a cyst, itself should be itching.
Although planned parenthood is a wonderful resource, you now have insurance and a good doctor. I would take the word of a good doctor over a clinic anytime! There arent any reasons why a cyst should be hard to remove in any area of the body, although it might be more painful of a recovery- longer, more sensitive, etc..but if its there and its bothering you, you should trust your new doc and allow him to remove it.
Last question, you didnt mention- did you have all the STD tests, just to make sure that this itchness wasnt caused by something you have no idea you contracted??
trust your doctor!
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Re: Cyst near clitoris + itch - PLEASE HELP!!

it might not be a yeast infection. I'd ask to have it cultured so you can find out for sure what it is and treat it properly.

As for the cyst, I'd have it removed. And by someone who is used to cutting on that area. It is a little more sensitive there than on your arm or back. I've had a skin tag removed from the same place and that was a little ticklish. My PCP at the time did it (a woman). I've also had a mole removed from next to a nipple. Had a dermatologist I know - who is gay! - take that one off. Just a little cautious around sensitive areas.

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sillymonkey HB User
Re: Cyst near clitoris + itch - PLEASE HELP!!

Thanks so much for your attention and time. I understand that taking a lot of Diflucan is not good. I don't want to take it. I don't know what else to do...and obviously neither do any of the many people I have seen for it. This time it doesn't seem to be changing anything. I am at the end of my rope! I have been living with this for TOO long and seeing doctors doesn't seem to help. As for the cyst...both Planned Parenthood and this "regular" doctor advise the exact same thing. It just seems that this new doctor doesn't seem at all phased by removing it from that sensitive area, and I feel I should be concerned. People can really screw things up down there if they don't know what they are doing!

As for STD tests, my first visit to Planned Parenthood definitely did tests and came up with nothing. This new doctor did a regular annual exam, and didn't seem to feel any STDs were present. If there are some specific tests I should be requesting, I don't know how I am supposed to know what they are. Isn't that what doctors are for? I have sought out so many opinions on this from qualified professionals and any tests that have been performed have not pointed to STDs, nor do their opinions on what is going on. I don't know what else to do!!

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sillymonkey HB User
Re: Cyst near clitoris + itch - PLEASE HELP!!

and Titchou...thank you for your advice as well. I am absolutely worried about just having "whoever" cut anything in that spot. But how much time/money do I have to seek out multiple doctors to find out? I just need to get it taken care of!! And I want this itch to STOP!!! As for whether or not it is a yeast person definitely said that is what I have. Outside of that and the other tests I should ask for...I don't know how I am supposed to know what they are. I have read scary things online about women who just live with vaginal itch with no odor or discharge for MONTHS or YEARS...and no doctors seem to be able to help them. A lot of people experience this. I don't know if that is what is happening here or not. I hope not, but it has already been several months. It is HELL. Not that I have tons to begin with, but it saddens me to think I may never have sex again, I feel so incredibly disgusting down there. Why can't doctors help?? This is SO embarrassing, I can't talk to anyone I know about it.

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Re: Cyst near clitoris + itch - PLEASE HELP!!

This sounds exactly like what I have just gone through. I had a bump next to my clitoris which was sore and excruciatingly icthy!! like made me want to cry ive never experienced such an itch in an inconvenient area! I went to two female doctors both of them had no idea what it was, one prescribed me steroid cream and the next day it was so much worse i went to another doctor and she prescribed me steroids an anti-biotics. After a week it had gotten worse and i was in agony! i had missed work and was avoiding my new boyfriend. it was huge like the size of a cumquat. I couldnt bear it anymore and went to the womens hospital emergency. they looked at it and said it was a cyst and that they culd excise it for me that afternoon. they put me under local anaesthetic and when i woke up i had to pull a drain out of it (unpleasant!!) they had given me pain-killers in my drip and a course of anti-biotics. woke up the next day and felt totally fine!! so relieved! so yes...a cyst can be very itchy its caused by the stretching of such delicate skin. stretching skin itches and this was a huge bump that sprung up over only a few days. im just praying that it doesnt reoccur which ive heard that it can. medical procedures like this are free in Australia with our healthcare system which i understand can be expensive in the US :s i just wanted to write this because i had such difficulty in finding answers to my problem a week ago and i was freaking out! good luck to anyone with this problem it sucks big time!!

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