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    Old 06-30-2009, 06:38 AM   #1
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    Groggy in Mornings

    I realize it's very normal to feel groggy in the morning (especially for someone who is NOT a morning person!), but it's really starting to be a hassle when I'm still very groggy several hours later and at work or longer.

    Sometimes I feel awake and I'm not falling back asleep, but more like I'm drunk or something. I don't have much balance and often will stumble around as I'm getting ready for work. I have fallen before. Caffeine helps sometimes, other times not.

    I eat a healthy diet and work out often. I had my blood checked for various things about a year ago and just got another test done this Saturday, so I should be hearing the results very soon. The only medication I take it b.c. pill and a multivitamin. My iron count was fine in the past, but we'll see how it turns out this time.

    If anything, I feel that I might have sinus problems making me quite dizzy. They don't hurt, but I feel pressure on my face and since it's worse in the morning, I thought maybe it's from an old mattress with too much dust. I just bought an entire new bedroom set and mattress and will have it soon Hope it helps!

    Any other ideas on what this can be? Sometimes I don't sleep well at night. I can be a light sleeper. The only time I ever wake up refreshed in the morning is after a night of drinking or if I wake up with an upset stomach. I notice that even a cup of coffee or sugar-free energy drink doesn't help. I'll still feel off-balance, even if I have a bit more energy. I feel like a bobble head!

    PS, forgot to mention that I am only 22, so it's not menopause I've had a few people suggest this to me when making a post for other things I've asked about.

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    Re: Groggy in Mornings

    I'm having similar problems and am desperate to figure it out. Some days I don't really feel awake until noon or even later. Sometimes I have it really bad for several days straight, where I feel like I was hit by a truck in the middle of the night and my face is pretty puffy and ugly. Pretty much every morning I don't feel great. It's very embarrassing to walk into work at 9:30 (because it's hard to get going in the morning), and still be a zombie. I have difficulty communicating with others and my eyes and face feel like I can't move them very well. I have facial pain and a headache behind my eyes. I just want to hide at my desk and hope nobody talks to me! I also feel I generally have a low energy level compared to other people.

    I've pretty much gotten to a point in my life where I live very healthy, so I can remove all the excuses I used to come up with. I sleep plenty, have a low-stress job, I run regularly, have cut back on sugar and am eating more whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. What more can I do!

    I'm working with a doc and doing some tests. I feel it could be Thyroid, but I've been tested a few times and it comes back normal. I have other "sympoms" like dry hair and cold all the time, but those are nothing compared to the morning fog! Sinusitis is a possibility that I'm keeping in mind too.

    Please post if you find out anything and I will do the same! I can't live this way and I know it can't be normal!

    PS. Drank last night and only slept 6 hours, but didn't have a bad morning. I too think drinking helps!!

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    Re: Groggy in Mornings

    I know you both said that you are eating a healthy diet. Does it consist of enough protein too? Legumes are excellent energy food.
    It sounds too like it could be a sinus thing. That could make you feel really dizzy.
    Do you all drink much soda/diet soda or diet drinks? Those are all terrible for you. Some people can drink them all the time and it doesn't do anything to them and with some people, just a little bit can have a big effect.
    If my sister just has a piece of gum that has aspartame in it it gives her a headache.
    Well, didn't mean to go off on that. You may not even consume any. It's just a thought.
    I know too that if I happen to eat a large amount of food or certain types of food before bed it really disturbs my sleep.
    Are you going through anything terribly stressful? That REALLY effects my healthy badly when I go through something bad.
    It sounds as though drinking a little helps. Maybe you could have a couple ounces of wine before bed. (?)
    You get exercise which is great and you are eating well. Make sure that you get enough protein. You'd be surprised at how much the body gets effected by not having enough; eggs, tuna, beans and yogurt are all excellent ways to get it.
    I went through something very familiar recently. I was feeling so so bad physically. I found that my thyroid was a little bit underactive so I started eating some certain things I found that I was greatly lacking and took certain vitamins for it.
    I now have my energy back and am back to normal. I know that it can take trial and error where this is concerned like, maybe it's something that you eat that really effects you. Some people are just a lot more sensitive than others with certain foods.
    Well, hope this helps.
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    Re: Groggy in Mornings

    I have realized that much of this IS indeed sinus related for me. I actually took some medication to help clear up my sinuses and had a TON of draining, then my throat hurt from all the drainage. I seem to be sensitive to something around the area I live in. I guess I can't really avoid that!!

    I definitely do eat a lot of protein. I am not a carb lover, but a meat lover, so I easily get a good amount of protein. I also have cut back on many processed foods, and that helps my energy too. The only other thing that really makes me tired and groggy is my anxiety. It wears me out! I am now on Prozac to help, and I feel much better, but Prozac does make me sleepy! Oh well!

    I definitely feel that after laying down, I seem to have some drainage from my allergies, and it makes me feel weird. My ears get it too because sometimes they are stopped up. Eventually I may look into some long-term allergy medication to help with this if I can't figure out a better, more natural way to help it.

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    Re: Groggy in Mornings

    The only thing i'm familiar with which can leave you drained for days on end and giving that "hit by a bus" feeling is adrenal fatigue. If your adrenal glands are not producing sufficient of the hormone cortisol or too much of it this will leave you feeling tired and often with very similar symptoms to hypothyroid.

    To rule out adrenal fatigue you need to get your cortisol levels checked very early in the morning, midday, 6pm and 10pm. This will show what your cortisol levels are doing from early morning till night time. The best test for this is a saliva test. If you only do an early morning blood test it will only show what level your cortisol is at first thing, but not what it's doing later as often some people can wake with good levels, but it can nose dive soon after.

    Poor adrenal function can affect your sleep and have you waking up during the night and unable to fall asleep, regardless of how tired you feel.

    To help adrenal function you also need very good levels of Vitamin D. Doctors rarely check this unless asked and way too many people are low in Vitamin D these days.

    I have read of B12 causing tiredness and the fact it can affect balance too. I do know once i got my dad supplementing B12 and Vitamin D that his sleep improved.

    With ferritin levels (iron storage) your levels need to be at the higher end of the lab report, not at the lower end. Most doctors wont care so long as your levels appear "within range".

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    Re: Groggy in Mornings

    I too--think it may be adrenal fatigue because I can totally relate to the wickid brain fog in the morning that lasts for several hours and feels like you've been drugged and being totally embarassed because you show up late for work. I'm 26 and do not have kids yet---and quite honestly don't have a good excuse for showing up late all the time other than the fact that i can not get out of bed in the morning to save my life!
    I've been in and out of different doctor's offices for several years now trying to find answers for my constant stomach issues, pmdd & brain fog/fatigue. Only recently did i start seeking the help of naturopaths--because after umpteen tests and hundreds of dollars spent with absolutely no anwers I've given up on traditional doctors.
    In doing so---I've found out that i have low stomach acid--which can wreak havic on the digestion process and in turn cause several other issues, like dry skin/scalp, fatigue, moodiness...etc. My naturopath had me take a supplement to help build back the hydrochloric acid. This has helped but still hasn't resolved everything--like the brain fog. Then my naturopath asked me if i had alot of stress in my life---my first thought was "well doesn't everybody?" but then i realized I'm the type of person that internalizes everything and does worry about ALOT of things all the time. I'm a type a personality---and it can really get the best of me. plus i do have a very stressfull job with a task list that never ends and i worry about my husband that has to drive 1 1/2 hours to work a 12 hour shift across the he too tired to drive....will a moose come out in front of him...etc my point is that....there are always things we have on our minds that may not seem like stress--but it's always there! we're women--we can't help it!

    So in doing more research---and speaking with an online, all womens' health clinic...I just started taking supplements for adrenal fatigue coupled with a pharmaceutical grade women's mulitvitamin. Adrenal fatigue can cause several symptoms that can snowball---basically it is caused by us ladies stretching ourselves to thin and putting too much stress on our bodies. The cortisol levels go up--and the hormones like estrogen being to suffer-lots of women experience symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, fuzzy thinking, depression, cravings and mood swings.
    The online clinic i found seems to have a great approach to women's health--because not only does it provide you with countless articles on women's health related topics---you can take an online assessment of your health and establish a health profile for yourself, you can call their reps anytime with questions and can also sign up for a program that gives you nutritional supplements, along diet and exercise guidelines and advice on how to relax and nurture your body. Which let's face it---traditional docs are not likely to do. I know i can't put in the name of the clinic but if you use a search engine and look for adrenal fatigue and women to women I'm sure you can find it.
    I hope this helps in knowing that you're not alone--and oh---I eat a pretty decent diet too and exercise whenever i can by doing pilates and yoga and running.
    Good luck!

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