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looking4advice 08-13-2009 10:24 AM

Provera, cramping, gushing?
Quick update - I went to the gyno because I had a never ending period. I am 51 years old and figure that I am probably in perimenopause. (Three years ago I had a ultrasound/transvaginal ultrasound and it did show that I had a couple of fibroids and a polyp - I ended up having an endometrial biopsy at the that time.) Back to now - Gyno decided to put me on provera for 12 days and then get a ultrasound/transvaginal ultrasound. I took my last provera this past Saturday. I did still have bleeding the whole time I was on provera but got more of a regular period on Monday. Then Monday night I had terrible cramps and pressure "down there" but no bleeding. It got worse and worse all through the night Monday and about 4 in the morning on Tuesday I got up to go to the bathroom and the blood just gushed out - very thick, very clotty and ALOT! Good news was that the cramping eased a little. Then about an hour later I started feeling miserable again with the terrible cramps and pressure but again there was no bleeding. I eventually called the dr. office and they told me this is normal. Then right after I hung up and went to the bathroom there was such a scary amount of blood and clots but the cramping went away. It then happened again - the cramps, pressure, no bleeding then the gushing. Has anyone else had this problem with provera? Any thoughts on this would be helpful. Thanks.

Kszan 08-13-2009 10:46 PM

Re: Provera, cramping, gushing?
I've read that the gushing and clots are very common with fibroids. If you have multiple fibroids, that could be why you keep having all this bleeding. I really think the provera is nothing more than a band aid solution to the deeper issue of the fibroids.

At your age I'm sure you're done with having any kids. You might want to seriously consider an endometrial ablation if you don't want to do like a partial hysterectomy (just removal of the uterus, not the ovaries so you avoid early menopause.).

I think if all your current doc wants to do is keep feeding you useless pills then you should find a doc who is more willing to work with you to actually solve the problem instead of just masking it. If I were iin your position, that's what I'd do.

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