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Emma17 10-28-2009 02:53 PM

No period - Not pregnant.
hi there, just wondering if anyone could help me figure out why my period is so late!
My boyfriend and I had a bit of a scare and we thought i may have been pregnant...but i have taken 2 pregnancy tests a week apart and both were negative, so im not pregnant. But my period was due on the 17th so its now a week and 3 days late and im normally regular (give or take maybe 2 days). So I really dont get whats going on.
Any suggestions?

Emma x

Oh btw im 19 and have been having periods since i was 12 so its not like they are just starting out or anything!

ibake&pray 10-29-2009 12:41 PM

Re: No period - Not pregnant.

You could be pg. Go to the dr. and have a urinalysis done. You could have been pregnant and it not show up on the home test. Trust me, it happens. ;) Just because it doesn't show up on the early ones doesn't mean that you aren't in that blissful state!

If the doctors test comes back neg.- have you been on a severe diet where you have lost alot of weight> Do you train alot-like for a marathon? that will stop your menses also. Severe stress will stop it sometimes....[/COLOR]

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