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Belly Kelly 12-05-2009 05:38 AM

Sudden urge to urinate and other things
For the past couple months (it comes and goes) I will get sudden urges to urinate. I can empty my bladder and then 10 minutes later I feel the urge to go again. This will happen for most of the day. I have NO pain when peeing, but I get a weird sensation at times when I pee - not a bad feeling, but like a rush or sensation in my vagina.

I also noticed my period was very very light this month. I took two pregnancy tests and they were negative.

I have some pressure in my lower abdomen and I feel bloated. It's like my gut just feels heavy or something.

Can anyone tell me what may be going on?

LauraLu 12-05-2009 07:54 PM

Re: Sudden urge to urinate and other things
Hi there,
My best guess with the pressure and bloating could be some constipation. I know that whenever I am constipated - which can be very frequent (I even tested for Celiac's), I get the extreme urge to annoying. Do you ever feel a mass or gas bubbles? You don't necessarily have to have pressure in your rectum.
If you're not having pain when you pee, then it's probably not a UTI. I can tell you from experience that you may want to research Interstitial Cystitis. This is known as painful bladder syndrom. I received this diagnosis last year. You can feel lots of pressure in your abdomen, urge to urinate frequently but no pain. I hope you don't have this though and just some odd fluke thing. It's not fun.
I hope I've helped you somewhat. Also - avoid cranberry juice/caffeine - it can inflame the bladder.
Take Care,

Belly Kelly 12-06-2009 05:20 PM

Re: Sudden urge to urinate and other things
Thanks Laura. I noticed this happened recently when I had some Pepsi, so maybe caffeine is the culprit. I finally got my period like I normally do every month and now the pressure and urge to pee every 10 minutes has gone away. I am going to see what happens once my period is over. Right now, it seems to happen right before I get my period.

I haven't noticed any gas, but I will also keep track of that as well. Thanks for answering.

bellalove 12-18-2009 08:23 AM

Re: Sudden urge to urinate and other things
OMG I have the same problem!!! I don't really feel any bloating though, maybe a little pressure.

I went to the doctor 2 or 3 weeks ago and she gave me amoxicillin to help with my bronchitis. She also took a sample of urine and it came back negative for infection. She told me that the antibiotics I was taking would most likely kill any bacteria that might be forming. A little over a week I went to see my gyno for my annual checkup and I told her I was having problems and was very uncomfortable which such frequent urination. She gave me Bactrim and I've been taking that and it did seem to help, but now I've relapsed and I'm still peeing all the time! I was also tested for chamydia and ghonnerea and those came back negative.

I've googled the Interstitial Cystitis, but it says it's more of a painful bladder infection than anything else. I have the same thing Kelly Belly has (no pain but the tingly sensation down there)

Does anyone know what this could be? I've never had this problem before it just starting happening at the end of november and it's so frustrating to me! I never drink caffiene, I veryy rarely drink alcohol, and I have a pretty good diet.

I'm planning on calling my gyno to see if she can refer me to a specialist. I'm hoping it's just a frequent urination problem that can be easily treated.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for me? i really need some help!


SPORT46 01-20-2010 02:19 PM

Re: Sudden urge to urinate and other things
Me too!!! I am constantly peeing, especially at night! And I stop drinking fluids by 7PM. I wonder if i have interstitial cystitis, but I don't have pain. Does IC always have pain? I do have a cystoscopy scheduled in 2 weeks. But it only bothers me at night because i can't relax or sleep well with this problem. Any ideas? I can't wait for the appt. because it's driving me crazy. Urine culture came back as normal, except for hematuria (microscopic blood).

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