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VirginiaTAE 05-27-2010 08:11 PM

What are Breast Ultrasounds Used For?
I went in for a diagnostic mammo yesterday. After viewing it, radiologist said it was ok, but to return for another in 6 months to make sure nothing has changed. I've had calcifications in breasts for quite some time so they watch them closely. I had a previous call-back mammo about 4 years ago, but all was fine.

Anyway, yesterday he also decided to do a breast ultrasound. He had tech do it and then he came in and scanned some more himself. He said I had no masses and things looked ok. He also said the calcifications hadn't really changed much from my annual mammo in 2009.

What are the reasons one has a breast ultrasound done vs. a mammogram? Is one procedure better at spotting certain things and the other procedure better for other conditions?

I always thought ultrasounds aren't really the procedure of choice for calcifications. Was this just a followup to ensure that there were no masses that weren't picked up by the diagnostic mammo?

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