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GatoradeBlue 06-13-2010 05:53 PM

bv and period (I think?)?
Hey, I'm new here.
I went to the ER a little over a week ago and was diagnosed with BV (for the second time).
A little background is that my first (also my last) "partner" was in novemeber, at that time I got bv too. This time I haven't done anything since novemeber (2009), and though i told the er this they wouldn't believe me NO MATTER WHAT! and i'm like "I'm telling the truth here!!! I haven't had sex since november!" and so they send me away with a cream and a paper that says i need to practice safer sex.
I am also horribly dehydrated, and i have had this problem since I was 12yr. hospitalized many times for fluids via IV. Gateroade is about the only thing that keeps me from dropping lower in dehydration, but it wont hydrate me any. Not really sure what's wrong but my body just doesn't gather what it needs from water alone (i guess?).

Anyways I've noticed though i have been eating less (Cause of nausea, and fatigueness, and spliting headaches) my lower stomach is growing outward and getting tight. (that's been before even I went to the er.) . And I think i started my period today... (but i don't bloat like that.. i bloat just the day of and the next day of my menus, and it doesn't really get noticable in clothe size changes or anything. ) It feels tight there, and though i don't feel the pain today that i've been feeling for a good few weeks (due to the bv). And when i was still applying the cream with the aplicator, each night was more painful to insert it. (the cream ended yesterday). my lower back feels better today, but there was a horrible pressure there too. and all the er doc said was "maybe there's a tumor there?" =Shrugs=. And this afternoon I wipe to find wet thin blood. and then later the pad has maybe three drops of blood worth on it in total. and I noticed earlier that a blood clot of bright red dropped down into the toliet. Which the clot is what makes me think it is a period instead of just some cut that might of happened when wiping (currently all we have in the house is note book paper and i tear that into fours and use it to wipe so.. a cut could be possible)... But usually when i'm on my period it happens the day AFTER it last ENDED the prior month. So I should start on the 21st this month... but instead if this is my period I started earlier than even the one last month started. And i'm a heavy bleeder with paralizing cramps on the first 24 hours of my period (that's why i have to take both aleve and naproxen. pain wise). And neither of those are in effect right now..
And what i'm worried about is... could the swelling i feel be holding in the menus blood? and if so, how do i decrease the swelling?

Ps. It's also stinging on my lower left side of my tummy I'm assuming that is part of bv too as well though..

EDIT: *sighs* ... ok.. so i guess this place either doesn't know, or doesn't care to help. Well this will be the last time anyone sees me here. goodbye.

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