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Kala 02-08-2001 10:31 PM

panty liners- good or bad??
could panty liners cause a yeast infection, and how many times a day should you change a panty liner??

TrickyDick 02-09-2001 12:31 AM

Re: panty liners- good or bad??
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~mandy~ 02-09-2001 10:07 AM

Re: panty liners- good or bad??
Just make sure you don't use the kinds with powders and perfumes in it. Also, there is a kind that had air holes in it, i foget the brand name. You may want to check out one that like...ones with a plastic backing could cause a yeast infection if you use them every day.
How often you change it would depend on how much discharge you have, if you have a lot then you may want to change it a few times a day, if you don't have much you could probably use the same one for most of the day.

pert 02-09-2001 05:13 PM

Re: panty liners- good or bad??
i don't bother w/em anymore esp anything fragranced.

Lynn34 02-13-2001 02:13 AM

Re: panty liners- good or bad??
Pantyliners are great. I use them everyday. I change them two to three times a day. I have never had any kind of infection at all. I use the scented ones. I use to not have to use them until I was in my thirties, then I noticed when I ovulate I produce tons of discharge and really needed something and a full size pad was way to big!

mlgable 02-13-2001 03:52 PM

Re: panty liners- good or bad??
Scented or deodorant pads of any kind are really not a good idea to use. When using a panty liner be sure that you also wear 100% cotton underwear if you are concernced about possible yeast and be sure that your pants do not fit to snugly in the crotch as all of these things can contribute to infections.

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