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pregnancy scare--am I paranoid, or is this legit?

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Old 10-20-2010, 09:25 PM   #1
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ninq3wz HB User
pregnancy scare--am I paranoid, or is this legit?

Hi there,
I am a 20-year old woman and I am a little bit worried that I may be pregnant. I realize that I am probably just being overly paranoid (I have a tendency to do that) but I figure that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Okay, so here is my predicament:
So, today is 10/20/10, and I had sex with a guy this past Sunday (10/16/10). He was not wearing a condom but he did pull out. I am not taking birth control right now. Anyway, ever since it happened I have been worried about getting pregnant because I know pulling out is not a very effective form of contraception. The next day I looked up early pregnancy signs to be aware of what they are in case I begin to feel any of them, knowing that it is too to early to take a pregnancy test.
I had had sex before with one other person a very long time ago and I was on the pill at the time. So I have never been worried about pregnancy and have never taken a pregnancy test before. My roommate told me that the closer you are to your period, the lower the chance of pregnancy is. I have been keeping track of my cycle for the past two months and the last day of my last period was 9/21/10 so 29 days ago. My last two cycles were 32 and then 39 days long, making my average cycle 35.5 days long (you can see I have really thought about this). So I am expecting it very soon. But I don’t think I can really judge if I truly “miss a period” because I have been soooo irregular over the years. I was always somewhat irregular but I’ve also struggled with severe Anorexia and did not menstruate for an extended period of time. Since I began menstruating again, they have been even more irregular.
I went to my school’s health services office yesterday and they basically just told me to come back if my period is late…which did not help or make me feel any better.
I should also note that I was not able to shower for a couple of days after the sex because something got messed up and all of the hot water in my building got shut off. Aside from the lack of bathing being super gross, I didn't think it would increase the risk of getting pregnant if somehow semen did get in me because I thought the sperm die pretty quickly. But then I saw on a website that it can still impregnate up to 5 days after. I don't know if that's true but if it is, I thought it should be mentioned.
I am keeping an eye out for symptoms or anything out of the ordinary. So far the only one is extreme fatigue. I mean, I am always very fatigued because I am a full-time student taking very difficult classes and do not get near enough sleep. But I was so tired last night due to pulling an all-nighter the previous night, I went to bed early (well, very early for me!) at 12:15 AM-ish and did not get up until today around 6:30 PM, missing all of my classes. I slept 18 hours straight and that NEVER happens.
I don’t have my car here and have no way to get to a pharmacy to purchase a pregnancy test and I also know that it is too early to determine on a test anyway. Right now, I am just waiting to see if my period comes. I decided that if it doesn’t come by 11/1, it is probably late enough to show up on a test if I was pregnant and I need to go back to the health services office.
Sorry, this is a lot of random information but I want to cover all the bases so you know as many specifics about my situation as possible.
My main question is just: by the sound of my situation, do you think there is a legitimate reason for me to worry about possibly being pregnant? Should I be concerned, or am I just being paranoid? Is there any way to test if I am pregnant right now even though it just happened? This would be a terrible time to be pregnant and a terrible person to have a baby with. Also, if I am pregnant and choose to keep the baby, I am on several medications that would be very dangerous to my baby that I absolutely cannot stop taking without talking with my doctor. So, I have to figure this out asap and would appreciate any wisdom into this situation.
Advice from anyone and everyone is appreciated; whether you have been in my position (pregnancy scare that is; whether you turned out to be pregnant or not), have been pregnant, know someone who has been, or if you have never experienced anything of this sort but have something to say, even if you are a guy I appreciate your advice! I don't care who you are, everything helps. And this is very, very time sensitive so please reply as soon as you possibly can!
Thank you so much,

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SamiMichelle08 HB User
Re: pregnancy scare--am I paranoid, or is this legit?

I honestly wouldnt worry to much about. Yes, people do get pregnant by the "pulling out" technique.. and many dont. the bathing part wouldnt make anything worse or better. Just relax and stay calm, easier said then done. Oh and honestly, I dont think the fatigue could be from you being pregnant.. just cause pregnancy symptoms dont come that fast lol. Goodluck and I hope the best for you =)

Old 10-26-2010, 12:05 PM   #3
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poker11 HB User
Re: pregnancy scare--am I paranoid, or is this legit?

I would say you are for sure pregnant.

Now get that into your head. It's the WORST case for you right now. Your not going to die, you don't have cancer or some other deadly condition, at worst you are simply and VERY naturaly pregnant. Woman have been getting pregnant - for some time now in human history. Your not the first non married woman to have sex and worry about being pregnant.

Now, once you accept that as your worst case - then relax. If you are pregnant, then in a few days you will know. There is not a lot to do about it right now - put it out of your mind for now - you probably are not, mostly likley not pregnant - but if you are then figure out what you will do AFTER you know. Stress is bad for you

Now however, I would tell you that unprotected sex is HUGE mistake. Not from the pregnant issue, but the STD issue. I don't care if you think this guy is a firsttimer, you are being very stupid. This is 2010, and sex can kill and can mame you. I would like you to go read some of the STD forums on this site. Go read the HPV web to learn how MOST have HPV, and why you might want to get immunized.

In short don't worry about being pregnant, your probably not pregnant, but be carefull, and from here on out watch out for STD -

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tracydayman HB User
Re: pregnancy scare--am I paranoid, or is this legit?

a test can tell you if your even 2weeks pregnant mine did try it put your mind at ease and pulling out is not a form of contraception try clearblue digital test

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Re: pregnancy scare--am I paranoid, or is this legit?

When you do get a chance to get a home pregnancy test, remember to use the first urine of the day...It holds the highest concentration of pregnancy hormones that the test is trying to detect.

I think we all get a few of these "whew!" moments in our lives as women. I encourage you to take a deep breath and calm yourself. Spending the next days in a complete a panic will not do a thing for you...

I wish you well!

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patty6789 HB Userpatty6789 HB User
Re: pregnancy scare--am I paranoid, or is this legit?

Well, do you have an update. I am hoping that you relaxed a bit so that stress has not made you wait longer. HAve you started?

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