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ovary escapades

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shamwowgal HB User
ovary escapades

Last Monday I woke up in the morning with a little bit of abdominal discomfort, I figured it was just a gas bubble from the indian food we had Sunday night. By 11am the pain had setteled into my RLQ , I also began getting the chills/feverish, nausea, loss of appetite. I go to school for health informatics at a tech center so my teacher sent me to the nurses office(I know I'm 28 the center is located in a high school). She took my temp and I was running a low grade fever she also tried to feel my tummy but there was definant guarding and rebound tenderness, so she sent me to the ER. We were thinking my appendix. I get there and the doc tries to exAmine me but the pain is getting worse at this point, he says maybe my appendix but probably a ruptured cyst. So he orders an iv pain meds and iv fluids the pain wasn't ridiculous yet so I felt comfy at this point. He comes in and says he wants to do a pelvic, I. Agree even though I am having no pelvic pain at all. He feels me ovaries nothing really felt any different pain wise except on the right side because my tummy was hurting, so then he says he's sending me for an ultrasound. So I go do that they give me more meds because the us agravated everything again they did a regular us and a transvag as well and I still had no pelvic discomfort. Doc comes to me room and tells me that I did have an ovarian cyst rupture and my R ovary looks tattered and there seemed to be more fluid then with a normal size rupture but its nothing to worry about. My belly pain is getting worse though so he decides to order a ct scan and more drugs. I go for the scan the had me drink the barium mixed with crustal light which I later threw up all over our truck. They also injected contrast into my iv and into my bottom. So I go back to my room and my bf gets there I think like 3 hours pass and the doc finally comes in and says everything looks good go home and rest they gave me meds to take home to. Tuesday I laid on the couch like a lump all day. Wednesday I wake up with an upset stomach and I throw up and have diarhea and the pain is even worse I call my doc she's out of town but someone else can see me that morning. I go in and she has me jump up and down and I almost fell to my knees the pain was so bad I guess they use this as a test for appendicitis I also start getting really hot again she says I'm sending you back to the ER something is not right. That day all they did was get me so loopy I was even more nauseous probably because I haven't eaten a full meal since Sunday the doc wrote me a script for more meds and said if I come back he's going to have me admitted for a few days to at least get the pain under control.Thursday my bf stayed home so we slept in I woke up with more pain more chills the meds are not touching it and the pain is still only in my belly not my pelvic area at this point. So back to er we go. Luckily its the same doc another iv more blood work more drugs. He decides we should try another ct scan. We do that and it comes back fine. True to his word he says I want you stay I the hospital for a few days. Because its the er he has to get permission from the oncall doc at my practice. He gets there an hour later to do my intake and again proceeds to press on my belly causing me to scream when he lets go. He says he wants the surgeon to look at the ct scan and the surgeon will come talk to me when I get up to my room this doc also decides the dilaudid isn't helping me and he switches me to morphine and toradol. I get settled in and actually the morphine took my mind off the pain for a little bit. The surgeon came in and I have to say during my stay he was the only doctor that was nice and respectful my whole stay. He tells me my appendix is pristine. He says is concerned that the doctors in the er did not notice the difference between the two cat scans a golf ball sized hemorrhagic cust had grown inside of my ovary in just 3 days time. He said he doesn't do women stuff but the hospitals obgyn would be my next step he was concerned that it could become twisted. The next morning I began having intense pain again still not I my pelvic area so they gave me the toradol with my morphine and that helpex me get comfy enough to take a nap. Yet another doc from my practice comes in who I've never met and he has to residents with him and all three start trying to put stethoscopes on me at the same time and then he decides he wants to see the rebound tenderness for himself. This time it brought me to tears. He then says I saw in your chart you have adhd sometimes people with adhd have accidents and donts know it did that happen to you. I said no we were home all weekend before sitting on the couch so all three leave then one of the residents comes back and starts grilling me with mental health questions and she kept asking me if I was hiding something or if I needed to tell them something. At this point I'm sobbing both with pain and embarassment my nurse comes in and tries to comfort me but they made me feel guilty for being there she said just call her if they come back and my bf isn't there I have a really bad headache at this point because I had been npo for the last two days so she talks them into putting ordErs in so I cam eat she had to page them 4 times. So finally she comes in and gives me the dinner menu I eat and start to feel a little better but about 20 minutes later my tummy started making the weirdest noisesi mean my roomate could here it grumbling sorry to be grapic but that's when the diarrhea started. I'm hooked up to an iv machine so I had to drag that into the bathroom for the first half hour my tummy was crazy I almost had a couple of close calls so my nurse unhooks my iv to make it easier. Then one ofs the residents came back and told me she had looked at the scans and she knows what wrong with me she tells me I have endometriosis. Well I know you need a biopsy to say for sure with that. So she then is very quick to tell me my discharge papers are ready and I can get ready to go home. I again start crying because my tummy is crazy and its making my pain awful again she tells me diarhea is a side effect of endometriosis. I tried to talk but she cut me off and told me I was annoying her by not accepting her dx. This just upset me more and she simply walked nurse came in and said that I did nothing wrong and she will make sure I stay another night her and a few other nurses paged the residents boss at the same time he relented and finally put the order in for immodium but it did not help this diarrhea last from 4pm to 9pm by the time it was done I was sobbing and curled into the fetal position. They wanted to give me my meds but when she tried to put it in it sent shooting pain up my arm my vein had closed. So she got a stat iv and I got a new line. I actually slept that night a woke up twice though in pain and drenched in sweat I think they changed my orders to as needed because the nurse didn't come in at the sceduled times I wad scared to ring because I didn't know what the deal was. But either way I slept finally. I woke up to order breakfast but after two bites I began my race to the bathroom this time it only lasted for an hour. Another doc came in Saturday morning did not even adk how I was just said needed to get off of the iv meds and switch to oral I tried to tell her I have issue with that and I tried to explain to her that the pill form of the diulaud made me nausea worse and I told her about the resident telling me the diarrhea was from endometriosis and if I'm not mistaken this doc was rolling her eyes at me she stopped mecand said I dontvwant to hear anything about the past week you don't have endometriosis you just had a cyst rupture on mondayvand the fluid levels are totally normal and you just happen to have flu at the same time. I'm sorry but this kind of nauseous and chills did not feel like a stomach bug to me its just a way different feeling. So she tells me tobpack my things I need to leave well i am not exactly staedy on my feet so I told here I had to wait for my bf she looks at me like I have offended her and walks out. The nurses did not feel I was ready to go but they can only do so much. They give me my discharge papers and the nurse ssays to me I thought that doc said you didn't have endo I said yeah why wellbthat doc attached a whole info packet about endo to my papers! And she gave me a scrpt for 2mg dilauded 1 every six hours. I don't like have to be on meds but each day my pain gets worse I lost eleven pounds last one will listen I had an us Monday and fianally got to see my real doc Tuesday shecsays the cyst is shrinking and it is just a regular cyst and all the extra blood and fluid will go away in time she give me vicodin. So yesterday I decide I'm going to try to go back to school as I'm walking out the door I turn my head to say bye to my bf and I projectile with such force it flies across the kitchen and somehow it misses my clothes and hair all was was about two gallos of water. I took some dramamine and decide to at least go get all by books so I can do homework I have a ton to catch up on now. So I was from the busstop to school I get inside and I feel something isn't right but its not the pain I have in my tummy I walk a little before I figure it out its my right ovary and it feels huge not by touching it I just can feel that its there. So I go through my day and I start walking to the busstop and now the pelvic pain beginsi feel like my ovary fell over and its either behind or in front of my uterus and its causing such pressure I could almost pee myself. So I get homeca I take my vicodin I lay on the couch and the pain the in my pelvis gets worse a lot throbbing and the weird thing is the pain the RLQ pretty much is gone but all the pain is in my pelvis and radiating down my legs and I'm getting these shooting pains up into my belly button. Last night I finally had a normal bm when I went to lay back down my whole uterus and whatever is rubbing on it is on fire not itchy burning fire like fever and the outside of my middle lowet tummy was hot to the touch my heartbeat went up and then my whole body got a fever it felt likecsomeonecwas ripping that ovary and my uterus out. The vicodin was not even touchinh so I called my doc well the nurse she called me back and told me my doc says to relax and take it easy until my appointment next week! I'm sorry this is so long I just don't know what to do I don't mean to vent either. Any thoughts are welcome.

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missjade11 HB Usermissjade11 HB Usermissjade11 HB User
Re: ovary escapades

Yeah a ruptured cyst and maybe even some more growing. Ive been having the same type incidents for a year now but no endo, its a cyst causes all that peeing and such, nausea, tender breast, and pain it even makes my uterus and bladder feel pressure and full and pain down my leg. I am still peeing and cramping like crazy and its been a month since my last rupture! I'm not taking anything for it, just sorta bare the pain. I am just on Birth control pills and giving it time to see what happens all you can do. If it were endo I would think it wouldnt have been so sudden you would of been having painful periods month after month after month. I get severe cyst ruptures all the time very painful and they can last mths for me to heal Ive had a laproscopy no endo no pcos nothing else wrong simply horrible cyst problems, and imbalance of hormones. Every month my period comes I just expect a cyst rupture its becoming that common for me! You might be driving yourself crazy here going from doc to doc, taking all these meds you may not need, and spending your money and perhaps here the first doc was right. Honestly there isnt a lot you can do for ruptured cyst problems its a hormonal thing take BC and as they say enjoy being a woman. Only other thing they do is remove them based on size. Just my thoughts good luck.

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