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muppy89 06-20-2011 02:32 PM

why over 25?
Is there any particular reason that no onr under 25 can be tested with a smear test for cervical cancer?

janewhite1 06-20-2011 03:19 PM

Re: why over 25?
There's no reason they can't be tested. Some people advocate testing girls as young as 18 if they have been sexually active. However, recent studies have found that young women have a lot of false positives, but rarely get cancer, so the screening recommendations have been scaled back.

Do you believe you are at risk for cervical cancer?

Kali333 06-20-2011 04:16 PM

Re: why over 25?
[QUOTE=muppy89;4782319]Is there any particular reason that no onr under 25 can be tested with a smear test for cervical cancer?

That's only in the UK, where they have universal health care.
Since health care is free to all citizens there through NHS (paid for by taxes), I think sometimes corners get cut, in order to keep this affordable.
In one way, it's better than our system here in the US: in the UK, [I]everyone[/I] gets comprehensive health care, rich or poor.
But like I said, in order to provide this to all citizens without bankrupting the country, they have to keep costs down any way they can.
One way is not to offer PAPs to women under 25.

I was treated (successfully, thank God) for HPV-related CIN at age 16.
Not at all an uncommon scenario, here in the US.

Jade Goody, the British reality TV star, dead of cervical cancer at age 27 (and leaving two young children behind), should be a wake-up call to the British government.
True, women don't usually die of cervical cancer before age 25.
But they frequently get HPV and CIN before that age, and if left untreated, it can worsen to the point that it can endanger their health or even their lives, long before they reach 25.

Wake up, NHS (but by the way, I still think the British health care system is better than ours; I went without health care for almost 15 years because I couldn't afford insurance, and my husband's been without insurance and health care for his entire adult life).

Kayleigh1234 06-24-2011 05:30 AM

Re: why over 25?
I am 23 and I requested a smear test a couple of months ago..Much to the hospitals disgust!! They weren't happy at all that i'd slipt through the net!!
However, much to their amazement, I had CIN3!!!!
I had my LLETZ last week, and am awaiting results for that now.
What I'm trying to say is, you can have abnormalities at any age, and if you are concerned, you should push for a smear. I'm so glad i did!
If i'd have waited until i was 25 who knows what would have happened.

Good luck to you huni.. xx

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