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trexy66 07-09-2011 11:12 AM

strange new symtom
For over a year now I have been suffering with vaginal irritation.I have had tests for std's,yeast and bv all negitive.My symtoms are burning,itchy,slight vaginal discharge no odor.I am going to a gyn after seeing a different Dr beside's my regular Dr who said it was all in my head.
For the past month or so I have been experiencing what feel's like ant's crawling under my skin in the vaginal area and anal itching,it is driving me insane and I fear I have something that no other woman has ever experienced and the Dr will not be able to find anything wrong.I am a otherwise healthy 44 year old woman.I had a hysterectomy in 1999 I have both overies.Has anyone else ever experienced this and or does anyone might know the cause?

misty073 07-09-2011 01:09 PM

Re: strange new symtom
I spent 6 years dealing with what I thought was a yeast infection, many Drs, gynos and a dermatologist had no idea what was going on. Last year I decided to try yet another gyno ( we moved to a different city). He did a simple vinegar type wash on my vulva and the area turned a whitish color, this meant I needed to have the area biopsied. They did 4 biopsies and it turned out to be VIN Dysplasia on the vulva ( the same precancer cells that cause abnormal paps on the cervix). I have never had an abnormal pap but ended up with VIN stage 1 and 2. Do a search for vulva VIN. And insist to be tested untreated can turn to cancer :(.

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