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Heather1973 07-22-2011 09:25 AM


I have recently posted on here as my GP had felt a 'bulky mass' in my womb and I had an abnormal smear result.

I had to go to a colposcopy clinic (not sure of spelling) and during an examination the Gynae told me she could feel it too and commented, 'wow, that's big' and thought I had a large fibroid and started on about hysterectomies!

I am still waiting for the results of the biopsy done at the colposcopy clinic, which I was told could take upto three weeks.

Anyway, I have just returned from having an ultrasound, and I am now totally confused!!

I have been told that the lining of my womb is very thick and she could see either a polyp (again, not sure of spelling!) or a small fibroid, or it could be fluid?? she thinks my GP will make a Gynae referral.

ANYWAY - I am confused that both my GP and the Gynae felt something in that area, but I get the feeling that the ultrasound hasn't really shown anything - or I am I wrong???? :dizzy:

Incidently I have been extremely 'bloated' over the past few weeks and have completely lost my appetite, I have now lost a stone as I am just feeling nauseas most of the time.

Does anyone know what a thick lining of the womb means? And what is a polyp and how is this different from a fibroid? And can this be what my GP/Gynae felt, rather than a large fibroid, which is what they both thought? I think it's highly unlikey, but I'm no expert!

Sorry, lots of questions!! But hoping someone may be able to offer some suggestions.

Very Best Wishes

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