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akt1213 07-27-2011 06:40 AM

So here is the story. At the end of April this year I had unprotected sex. He did not come inside me but I know this isn't safe. Anyway I had my period two days later. I then had a panic attack during my next period and went to the ER. I was feeling nauseous and all. So they did a blood test. Negative. However I was still feeling what I thought to be symptoms of pregnancy so I took aHPT around middle of June. negative. I also got my period in late June. I am very paranoid about this and have been driving myself crazy... I know that some women bleed but it shouldn't be regular (which mine has been)... I guess I just want to know what to do. Thanks!!

Oh and I am also under high stress because I am studying for the mcat (medical school test)

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