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BellaBlue14 08-07-2011 04:07 PM

bleeding after sex
On July 14 was the first day of my REGULAR period. (My periods have always been normal and on time) My period came and went like usual. I was on The Pill for a month, but my body wasnt responding very well, so i stopped taking it once i stopped my period. Anyway, my period came and went like normal. I ended on the 19th. 4 days after my period ended, me and my boyfriend had sex, and immediately after, I started to bleed heavy. Not just spotting, but heavy bleeding like a heavy period. I bled for about 4 days straight. The bleeding eventually stopped, and when it did, I started getting pretty mild cramping in my lower abdomen that ive never experienced. kind of like more of a soreness that didnt let me stand up straight comfortably. Now the cramps subsided, and im experiencing a thick white, clumpy odorless discharge thats not normal for me. Anyone having the same issue? I would appreciate feedback! :)

Just in case, I did have unprotected sex on July 2nd. But it was only 2 weeks into taking my birth control so im not sure if i could be pregnant or not. I took an at home pregnancy test a few days ago, came out negative, but it could be too soon to tell.. so any ideas would help ease my worries. THANKS! :)

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