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BooksRule 08-20-2011 02:51 PM

Don't put off getting regular mammograms...
...I did, but luckily my story has a happy ending!
My mom was a breast cancer survivor (she had it maybe 30 years ago). Her sister is also a breast cancer survivor. So, we have it 'in the family' along with other types of cancer.
I was always good about getting my mammograms on a regular basis, starting when I was around 35 or so. Well, one thing led to another, and I put getting my regular mammogram (and a regular gyn check-up) on the back burner. Before I knew it, [U]10 years had gone by[/U]!
I finally made an appointment for a checkup at the women's clinic this past January (nothing wrong found). However, I waited until this week to get my mammogram done. When I was almost ready to leave, I was called back so that they could take some more pictures. The tech showed me a spot that they were concerned about. Then, they decided to do an ultrasound. Ultimately, they decided to have me come back later that afternoon for a needle biopsy. Freak out time!
This was Wednesday afternoon. I hung around waiting for a call back on the pathology report. By late Friday afternoon, I was a nervous wreck and had decided that they wouldn't call until Monday. I was already planning how I was going to tell my family the bad news. Then I got the call that all they had found was fibrous tissue and everything was benign.
This was a hard lesson learned. Anytime 'something' is found on a mammogram, it's scary. But since I had let so much time pass between mammograms and also have a history of breast cancer in the family I made it worse for myself. So the morale of this story is: Get your mammogram when you should have one done! Never, never, never will I wait so long again. It's too scary.

writeleft 08-20-2011 03:51 PM

Re: Don't put off getting regular mammograms...
I am a few weeks past my mammogram due date. Thanks for reminding me to get on this, and no more procrastinating!

BooksRule 08-23-2011 03:52 PM

Re: Don't put off getting regular mammograms...
...oops, no happy ending yet. (I hate those 'follow up' calls that you get the next day--the ones where the other shoe falls.) The radiologist recommended that even though the needle biopsy was benign, the appearance of the 'abnormality' warrants more treatment (since a needle biopsy can miss bad cells, and this type of abnormality can mimic cancer). So, it looks like I'll probably have to have an excisional biopsy (surgical). Yikes! :eek:

I'll know more when I contact my doctor. Hopefully, happy updates soon!

BooksRule 09-13-2011 03:22 PM

Re: Don't put off getting regular mammograms...
Here is the end to my story (at least until next year!):

Got results of my excisional biopsy this morning. Benign! Now I can relax for a while.

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