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crystalk 08-26-2011 10:07 AM

undetected pregnancy?
I have not got my period since June 30th .I'm 31 years old with 2 boy's 3&5. I have alway's had a regular period and regular flow,were talking right on the money type periods. I took pregnancy tests and just had blood work done last week that came back negative. I'm still freaking out though. Why haven't I got my period? I'm not stressed out and I excercise and eat properly .I feel great in fact. What should I do? If I don't get my period by the next cycle .I'm going to get the doctor to order a ultrasound or do you lady's think i'm going overboard? Has anyone ever experienced this? I know some woman give birth to baby's when they didn't even know they were pregnant. I just want to be sure . What do you think!

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