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graces23 09-03-2011 03:36 AM

Breasts went from a C cup to an A cup at age 21
Well, I'm 33 years old, and since I first got boobs at age 12 they were a small C cup.

Up until I was around 21 years old, they were this size and I was happy with them. But then...for no reason that I know of, they seemed to shrink down to a full A cup in a few months.

I had gone through puberty at 12-13 and had been stable in that area since about the age of 14-15. No huge hormonal fluctuations that I was ever aware of.

I kept expecting my breasts to go back to their normal size, but...they never did.

The only time they ever do, is about 5-10 days before my period each month. Then they return to their small C cup size. I LOVE this time...I don't care that I am also slightly emotional and my boobs ache. I love their size...they feel like ME again. How they used to be.

But then as soon as the period arrives...they shrink back again. So sad.

Has anyone else experienced this?? I don't know why they shrunk in the first place.

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