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agrajag 09-11-2011 02:47 AM

Prolapse and mesh types
Hi there, I just wanted to ask ladies here about their experiences with the different types of mesh that are used in prolapse surgeries.

I understand that in prolapse repair surgery that requires the use of a mesh, the most common choice for surgeons seems to be plastic mesh, usually polypropylene - also called Prolene and I think sometimes also Gynemesh.

However I know that some surgeons prefer to use a "biological" mesh as an alternative - particularly one called Pelvicol or Permacol, a porcine dermis derivative.

So my questions are as follows. Have any of the ladies on the board had to have surgery for prolapse using mesh? If so, do you know what type you were give, and what has your experience with it been like?

Finally (and I am really sorry that this question is a bit intimate but I don't know where else to turn)....have you had any problems intimacy/intercourse wise due to the mesh? Confusingly, prolapse can cause painful intercourse, and thus mesh surgery to repair it CAN improve this problem - and yet the mesh itself in a small percentage of ladies can actually cause pain with sex. So I am wondering how people's experiences of this area bear out in the real world. Really, what I have heard is that there is possibly less of chance of painful intercourse post-operation with the biological mesh as compared to the plastic prolene one - but other doctors might dispute that - so I was just hoping maybe someone somewhere on the board might be willing to give me a real life perspective on this issue!

Thank you so much

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