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booksncoffee 10-02-2011 05:15 AM

White spots on nipple
I don't know if this is a silly question, but I'm out of the country and therefore cannot see my regular doctor. Lately, I've been paying more attention to my breasts than usual, since I wasn't sexually active up until about a month ago. I've noticed in the middle of my nipples, there are some (for lack of better word) "crusty" white spots that will come off if I scratch them. Is this just dry skin? Do I have anything to worry about, or is this normal?

janewhite1 10-02-2011 03:43 PM

Re: White spots on nipple
Probably some discharge. A little bit of clear, brown or white fluid sometimes leaks from women's nipples, even women who have never been pregnant!

If there is a LOT of fluid (enough to leak through your bra) that's a little weird.

For now, though, I wouldn't worry.

danniebishh 11-02-2011 02:41 AM

Re: White spots on nipple
I have that white dry looking skin on my nipples, and i also have like white bumps, that if you squeeze white stuff comes out of them. I don't know what it is. :/ but the other night i squeezed my nipples/boobs and i have a milky substance come out and it worried me.

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