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collegegirl007 10-17-2011 05:31 PM

Shortness of breath with Period
I am not sure if this is the right place to put this, but seeing as how there is no section for "menstrual issues" this is the next best place to put this that I could see since menstrual periods are a type of hormonal thing.

I have been having issues with shortness of breath for a while now and have recently noticed that when I start my period and for the entire week (sometimes a little more) after it stops, I feel a shortness of breath that comes on. I feel short of breath most days anyway, but it gets bad the week of my period and gets worse when my period is over for about a week or so. It gets so bad for at least a day or two when my period is over, that I can't get out of bed. It is all I can do just to go to the bathroom. I can barely even talk because I feel so short of breath. Then, it starts slowly clearing up after that week is over. I have already been tested for anemia, and I have been cleared of that. My levels were fine. However, what I am now wondering is if it's possible that I could be experiencing anemia or low iron during my period, leaving my body so drained that by the time it's over, it's left with very little iron and must recover. Which would explain why I feel so out of breath and worn out after my period.

Anything anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated. Again, if I'm in the wrong area, please let me know and I'll move this post to the appropriate spot.

Titchou 10-18-2011 05:14 AM

Re: Shortness of breath with Period
Not sure why you would think anemia has anything to do with this. More likely are things such as acid reflux, GERD, asthma or some other breathing issue.

collegegirl007 10-18-2011 05:22 PM

Re: Shortness of breath with Period
As I stated in my post, the shortness of breath follows my period, so obviously, that's why I think it has everything to do with my period. It gets bad after I've been on my period a few days, then gets to the point of being severe after my period is over (for about one week to one and a half weeks directly following the day my period stops). Finally, it seems to start to get better to the point it's very manageable, but before it goes away completely, my period returns and it's all over again. Many women have low iron deficiency that comes with or is due to their periods, some get it so bad it turns into anemia. I'm just trying to find out if what I am describing sounds like that.

Kszan 10-18-2011 09:47 PM

Re: Shortness of breath with Period
Do you have heavy bleeding during your period? If not, then it's not anemia. But if you soak your pad within an hour or two and it lasts more than 5 days then it could be anemia. A simple blood test can check your hemoglobin. Ask your doctor to set it up.

sarh 01-17-2012 08:26 PM

Re: Shortness of breath with Period
Honey, you ARE correct in your assumption. The other respondent has NO clue. I would have your iron storage levels checked. I have always had 'normal' tests yet when I had the storage checked it was at 02; should be around 100 or better. The only reason I asked about that was because I gave blood and for two weeks after, felt like I was having a heart attack, just could not breathe and it took one month for me to resume my normal activities. Never had it before, nor after. So I knew it had something to do with that. I asked a nurse when I was going back to give blood and she gave me almost the exact same response that this other person did and told me I was; in so many words, stupid to even think that could be a reason. so I didn't give blood and went to my doctor. After tests, he told me NEVER to give blood and hope that I don't need a blood transfusion. Not only was I virtually depleted of Iron, but vit D, which when I started on meds for them, I noticed a huge difference. Like you, during my periods; for me was fatigue and couldn't eat. Please go to the Dr. because that is NOT good and have them check for things they may not normally do. I went to a couple dr's before one did just that and didnt say that I was not the Dr. so, yes, I do believe you are right!! You know your body; no one else

Scandic 01-21-2012 03:02 AM

Re: Shortness of breath with Period
Was your hemoglobine (cells that carry oxygen) level checked? This is what makes you feel breathless (if the problem is coming from your blood)

Serum iron is the iron in our blood, then it goes into our liver, in the form of ferritin, where it is stored, and from there to hemoglobine.

Iron deficient anemia is when your hemoglobine levels are low and so are your iron & ferritin levels. (but your red blood cells are normal). The usual causes for this are loss of blood - periods, gastro-intestinal bleeding, but there can be other reasons too.

However, your hemoglobine levels can be low for other reasons - hemolytic anemia is when something is affecting your red blood cells.

Pernicious anemia is caused by malabsorption of B12.

In other words, has a full blood check been done? Iron alone won't explain the breathlessness.

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