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Mama Trauma 12-09-2011 10:06 AM

Cryotherapy mistake?
I had cryotherapy to treat HPV two days ago. First my doctor told me she was having trouble getting the machine cold enough. It took over 10 minutes for an ice ball to form. She also told me I could wear a tampon within one day and have sex by the end of the weekend which is four days after the procedure. Her advice contradicts the advice on most reputable health sites, including this one. She's an experienced gynecologist but she admitted she does very few cryotreatments when she fumbled with the machine. Now I'm worried because I wore a tampon for several hours last night. I'm leaving on a big ski trip in 10 days and need to wear tampons to ski. Can I? Also, is my OB/GYN wrong or incompetent?

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