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pinkloverbaby 04-09-2012 11:17 AM

Groin lump, early pregnancy?

I have a lump in my groin, maybe a swollen lymph node?
Could this be associated in any way with early pregnancy?
HIGHLY DOUBT its STD or cancerous related.
In insurance limbo right now as I'm waiting on a new job offer so cannot really go to a doctor..

Dark Stranger 04-09-2012 11:59 PM

Re: Groin lump, early pregnancy?
I doubt it would be pregnancy-related. I have about three or four little lumps in my groin about the size of nickels and they've been there for about 8 years. They haven't grown or given me problems - they just get a little tender during my period.

I have no idea what they are. If I had to put my money on anything, it would be either lymph nodes or maybe ovary cysts. I'm not saying any of this is guaranteed since I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose over the internet. I seriously doubt it's cancer, and any STDs that are strictly internal tend to not produce lumps.

Whatever it is, I think it's safe to assume the issue isn't so bad that it requires immediate medical attention. I think you can safely wait until you've got insurance lined up to see a doctor, though if you experience very sudden, acute symptoms (like severe pain), go to a doctor then. Very sudden, very severe pain usually is a sing of something very bad that must be dealt with immediately.

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