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mandamae 10-17-2012 11:08 PM

i need help here
hello my name is amanda im 20 and i have been trying to ger pregnant for about 1 year now with my boyfriend i was on the pill for 3 months before i stopped and have been trying since then, now this november it will be a year. im not sure if its something wrong with me or what. i have had irregular periods ever since i was 11 (thats when i first got my period). ive taken tests but they come back negitive, obviously, but this past month i have been having very frequent urination and my *ahem* nipples are a bit tender and my body is sore. well im just wondering if i could be or if i have a problem getting pregnant. all my friends and people around me are getting pregant after a few weeks or months with their boyfriends and im just like why not me. see i have wanted to raise my own baby since 12 because i had to help rasie my baby nephew. and also my boyfriend has always wanted to carry out his seed. he's starting to worry its his fault but i know it isnt. all my life i was told by everyone i would have trouble conceiving but i wasnt worried back then. now i am. sorry for the long story but i just want my own baby to raise with my boyfriend. well fiance' please help me figure out whats going on. thank you.

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