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jlmk1985 11-07-2012 05:08 PM

okay, first off i have been dealing with dysplasia since 2007. I have had 5 or 6 colposcopys since that time, all coming back as either inflammation and/or mild dysplasia. i had another one in april which ended up coming back as moderate dysplasia, so my gyn automatically sent me to a gyn/onc to have a laser ablation. didnt want to do it because i am petrified of general anesthesia. gyn/onc said to watch and wait for another 6 months and to quit smoking, which i regretfully havent. went back to have another colpo this past friday with my gyn and she said that if its still moderate or worse, I HAVE TO HAVE LASER. Heres the kicker, she refused to perform a LEEP on me because i have an incompentent cervix, 3 cm, and havent had children. i feel like i should have some say in this since its my body. i dont want to have a laser and then 3 months down the road, "oh we didnt get it all." atleast with the leep theres something there to check after the procedure and its nowhere near as expensive as laser? is there anyone out there who has anything similiar to this? i feel like im going to be forced to do something im extremely uncomfortable with.:(

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