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Lisamonica 11-16-2012 02:26 PM

My abdomen swelling up by the week!!
3 years ago I had a full Hystorectomy as I had fibroids. The biggest was the size of a small rugby ball. I have had no problems until recently. 4 weeks ago I had a colonoscopy but it wasnt able to be done as there was a blockage and the pain was immense. I then had a CT scan and was told I had diverticulitus. However, I have constant pain just below my ribs on my right side and it is so swollen I look pregnant and getting bigger. Any suggestions please?:)

quincy 11-17-2012 12:06 PM

Re: My abdomen swelling up by the week!!
Are you a patient of a specialist at this point?

Are you having blood testing done? Anything out of the ordinary regarding your liver?
If yes, I think what you should push for is an MRI of the MRCP to be exact.

Are you taking any other medication or supplements? if so, what.

I'm initially wondering if you might have any adhesions from the hysterectomy, because you mentioned blockage. But was there any inflammation within this blockage?
During your c-scope did the doctor take any biopsies?

How are you eating at this point? and are you having regular type bms?
Any nausea as well?

Dealing with gastro issues can be very complicated. It's good you're having testing done.

hang's a difficult and most times frustrating process to find the reasons for gastro discomfort...especially if other issues are at play.


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