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starshiine2 12-08-2012 05:34 PM

unexplained vaginal symptoms
So I have had symptoms for the past few months and I have had std testing done i went to two different doctors and a gyno. & one doctor put me on antibiotics because he thought maybe I had a burst cyst judging by the symptoms I explained but yet still month later and here I am still suffering, l think I'm paranoid because ever since I had a new partner I started getting symptoms we used protection during sex but not oral, i had a brazillian wax for the first time a few months ago i thought maybe that was why but i dont think so. So My symptoms have been a red vagina inside off and on, irritated, vagina inside, stringy discharge sometimes colored yellowish usually white though, an ordor and the past two weeks my pubic hair has been very itchy, i dont shave very often so I did just to see if there very bumps of sores but nothing its just very itchy!!I noticed a month ago a lump that appeared underneath the skin I thought it was a cyst on my labia majora but the doctor didn't seem to think much of it put still put me on antibiotics. I have taken yeast tablets for the dischrge I don't know what else to do! My gyno said to come back if visible sores appear that he can diagnose and my doctor said the same thing :( Also, for the past few years I noticed one of my labia majoras has gotten smaller than the other, and if i try to pull it and strech it out it hurts so badly near my clitoris. Im just not sure what I should do next...

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