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Ella24 01-26-2013 11:40 PM

Pain when inserting and extracting tampons?
*I am 20 years old
*have been using tampons for the past 6 years now
*have been sexually active for 1 year
*have never had any yeast infections
*I am not taking any birth control

The pain only occurs when I am inserting and extracting tampons and has occurred the past two periods I have had. The pain did occur once during intercourse right after my period had ended last month but went away after we avoided sex for a few days after that but continued after those few break days. I shrugged it off and it didn't come back until my next period and I inserted my first tampon for the month. The pain is like a sharp tightening pain that I feel when I insert a tampon, and a similar pulling pain when I take it out. It's as if the tampon can't be inserted all the way. I have tried using all different sizes of tampons, of course the light ones were less painful but still, pain. I have tried different applicators, plastic and cardboard (cardboard is slightly more painful). I also feel a pain at the outer part of my vagina as I wipe with toilet paper. Once the tampon is in, I can still feel a small throbbing but It's not really bothersome while I go about my day to day activities. It's not that I am too dry, my period was as it has always been, heavy at first and then gets light. After a few days of increasing pain with tampon usage, I am now wearing panty liners and have noticed a slightly small pain deeper in my vagina sometimes when I move and I have been spotting a bit of what does not seem like period blood as it's thinner, lighter, and almost watery.

I don't understand what could possibly be causing this pain when I've never felt any discomfort with tampons before in my life and I am starting to get concerned. Any advice as to what this might be and how to treat it would be much appreciated!

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