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Posted by Ann S. on October 10, 2000 at 20:47:51:

In Reply to: Re: problems for years with BM's and hemeriods!! posted by Mary on October 10, 2000 at 10:14:58:

: : WoW, if someone could answer me this would be amazing. My husband has problems with gas and hemariods and diaherria for years ,I have known him 15 years and its always the same.He had hemeriod surgery 10 years ago and saiys he wont do it again, but theyre back !He has terrible gas ,lives on over the counter gas meds daily. When he does go to the bathroom he is in there for hours,90% of the time its diaheria and because the stool is so loose it burns the hemeriods badly.he has tried the fiber pills and diet but I dont think he has done it long enogh for it to really have an effect .He goes thru terrible pain and discomfort until he is able to go ,but sometimes he has to go so fast there is very little warning.It seems that everything he eats effects his stomach terribly.I have tried to get him to see a doctor again, but he is very stuborn,if someone can answer this post with information for me I can try and convience him to go again. Thanks in advance !!!!!

: Have you considered calling his doctors office and relating all this information to the doctors nurse with a request that she have the doctor give your hubby a call to speak to him about this? If this doesn't work then remind your husband that there are many new drugs and treatments out there that may be worth looking into. Also hemorrhoids do not need to be removed if they are not troublesome so if he got the other problems under control he may not even have to do anything for the hemmorrhoids except use a cream or suppository when they flare up. Relay this info to your husband or let him read this post and he may just change his mind about seeing a doctor.


A lot of your husband's symptoms sound like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Check out the healthboards web site for that & you will get a lot of information. Then, by all means, get him to a Dr. cause IBS can only be diagnosed by ruling everything else out. Good Luck, Ann

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