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Posted by Mary on December 03, 2000 at 11:53:02:

In Reply to: 7 year old withholding bowel movements posted by karen on December 02, 2000 at 11:51:04:

: Hi! I have a 7 year old son who I guess you could say has never caught on to popping in the toilet..He will pee on his own it is just the pooping thing...When I put him on the toilet he seems to be pushing but tells me he can't...This has been an on going on as far as I can remember..I have been to about four different doctors for this and no one seems to want to help..It seems that he my son has no feeling or urge to go..He will hold it and mess in his pants now I do not mean a full bowel movement in his pants but I want soiling like leaking...For a while he would go but only when I put him on the toilet he would never go on his own never telling me he has to go...I thought he would eventually catch on and go on his own..But that never happened..Now here we are again with him withholding his stools..I have an appointment to see the Dr on Monday morning again and after looking up constipation I came across a term called encopresis which seems to fit my son..cronic constipation..So instead of asking for help I am going to tell them what is wrong with my son only after a few hours of searching the internetand i can tell you the reason for this and them who have degrees and never once even told me a name for this or told me that my son is cronically constipated..I know for a fact he is not doing this o purpose..And it is not behavioral or something in his head.. Is there anyone else with a child who has this who can give me some helpful words of support..And tell me my son can be helped.and that there is help there.Thanks

There are tons of parents with this problem and in fact a couple of them posted here days ago about this. Instead of "telling" your doctor what you son has use the approach of "I've been doing some reasearch on Ecopresis and this sounds very much like what my son could have. Is this a possible cause of his bowel problems?" You sound like your doctor has been rather vague about your sons problem and are not really happy with the care and treatment of your son. If this is the case then it may also be time to think about switching Doctors for you son

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