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Posted by Roberta on December 07, 2000 at 03:25:25:

In Reply to: Re: Just had one hemmorhoid removed with surgery posted by Caroline on December 02, 2000 at 21:35:46:

Hello - I had a clusterous type hemmeroid removed about 2 and a half weeks ago. I visited my doctor, and he said theey are quite common, and I could have it removed. I had it removed because it was large, gross, and caused me problems and pain. Balneol lotion works wonderfully as a soothing lotion to cleanse with (tucks would sting in my case). I still have stitches and they itch incrediblly. I started to get hemmoroids about 10 years ago, and possibly could have prevented through more fiber intake, more reasonable sleep,5-6 glasses of water a day. In addition to things I could have done to prevent them, I think the fact that I sit alot alot for my work and work long hours sitting probably contributed to the problem. Interestingly, I had a visit not too long ago to a doctor for an extreme tightness in the area - this was after pulling 15 hour days for 7 days, sitting in a chair which I thought was sufficient. After that, I got one of those new-type foam pillows/chair cushions that conform to your body shape to put on the chair. Huge difference - I love my chair pillow! Also long flights seated probably contributed to the problem. I believe that excessive coffee consumption may also have contributed - I noticed that when I don't drink alot its easier for me to have a bm.

For the operation, I was put to sleep not with anesthesia but something else - I think valium - that was fine I didn't feel a thing. Afterwards, the pain was like hell from the operation. It was worse than knives - for me it was like that part of my body was on fire. I swore I would never do it again during those first 3 days. Now, if I had to, I might. I was taking 5-6 baths a day plus pain killers, plus tons of laxatives-I could not bring myself to go for 3 days. A hot water bottle also helps to comfort the extreme pain (not directly applied to the surgery area - just on your rear end). Post surgery, initially I thought I was worse off than when I started - I believeed I had a new hemmoroid (or new flap of skin) but the doctor assures me this is not the case and that the area is going to be inflamed for awhile - it is still reforming itself. I'm just thankful the pain from the operation is going away - I am sort of at the point of I don't care what it looks like as long as the post surgery pain is gone!

I can't say that they would have shrunk if I had done everything I could have to prevent them, but wish I had tried. If you sit alot, I'd recommend some form of get up and move around to improve circulation quite often. REally take the part about getting up from your chair seriously - I've had chair jobs for about 10 years and had no clue this might be a contributing factor. Another wierd thing: about 3 years ago, I used to notice when I worked really long hours (getting 3 hours of sleep a night for 3-4 day stretches) that I would get a recurring fissure - this would go away if I got my sleep again and cleaned myself with a sitz bath after movements. So maybe there is a sleep connection here? I've heard that sitz baths (with epsom salts) are a possible way to reduce hemmoroids - at least they are a great pain killer

Another thing you might consider is prescription strenght suppositories, which have coritzone in them. These work pretty well, they are stronger than over the counter lotions, and also help alleviate pain from tightness.

A family member of mine occasional gets a hemmoroid, but he explains they go away after awhile. He is quite regular.

I'm still healing (the doctor explained that part of my body is reforming itself and reshaping for probably 2-3 months). I'm wondering if anybody can recommend an herbal salve with the ideal mixture of healing herbal oils to apply to promote healing of tissue?

: : Hey, could you guys please supply me with some information. I have a most painful hemmoroid right now, it's only the second one I've ever had, but this one is killing me. Why did you get it surgically removed? Was it because it was too painful? too big? doctor's suggestion, or your request? and how long does a hemmoroid hang around for? please help, i'm a male in my mid 30's, and i don't even know how I got it. I don't strain when I have bowel movements, i sit all day, but in a comfortable chair, I'm puzzled here as to why I got these things. One more thing, what can i do for the pain, are the Tucks good for the pain, or was that just a suggestion for after surgery. I am in Canada as well, so hopefully I can find them here. Any information
: : would be greatly appreciated.
: : thank you, Sid

: : : You are right it does take a long time to heal, I was told by my doctor 6 weeks, but it will be longer than that since it has already been over a month. As for relief, use Tucks, that is their name, in any drug store, after a bowel movement they are great. They are expensive maybe about $10.00 but they are worth it and are medicated small round pads very thin like a diaper wipe. You get a lot in a tub, so they last a long time. A lot of women have used them after giving birth. They are made for hemmorhoids etc. Now I live in Canada, so I am just assuming they have them there too. I would not use Aloe Vera, I think your friend means the gel from the plant not the plant itself, that wouldn't work:) I am also taking Metimucil and will continue to take it for a long time, just once a day now but was taking it 3 times a day after the surgery. I hope this helps you out, get the Tucks, you will not regret it! Just tucks one against the sore spot and leave it there for an hour or so, it stays in place pretty good.
: : : Take care, Caroline

: : :
: : : : Caroline,

: : : : sounds like you had some of what I had! One cut was big, I ended up with a square something like 3x3cm of exposed fleash on the outside and who knows how far inside.I also had small ones removed.
: : : : Susan, razor blades was exactly the expression I used to discribe it. I hope you are now over your op as you read this!!!
: : : : Now over 2 months down the track, I still bleed every time from the scars.Friend's husband had it done over a year ago and he still bleeds. The skin grows beautifully over the exposed area, but it doesn't meet completely so I guess until this exposed bit toughens up, I will be practising deep breathing ....l.
: : : : I have another check up later today, will see what the doc says.
: : : : Caroline, if you know of any stuff to use, please let me know!!!! (a friend offered me some aloe vera to stuff up my .... but I was a bit concerned about those tiny spikes.....
: : : : :-) gs

: Hi I am writing with regard to the guy who wrote in and didn't know what to do and also lives in Canada. Yes the Tucks are medicated and will relieve you if you use them but try preperation H and tucks for a while first before you go to a doctor. If they are small like a pea then they should go away, if they are large like a grape you may need it removed. Now, you can get them from sitting on cold cement (so they say) and also from straining to lift, do you lift heavy things? Iron vitamins got me with my prenatal vitamins, but since you are a guy I don't think you are on them:) Iron pills constapate therefore you strain.
: They are also proned to come back after you have had them, so be prepared. A bad case of diareha (sp) can give them to people. I have heard of people going to Mexico and coming back with them alot. I got the surgery, for the reason that it was very large and I would have had excess skin after it went down and would also been easy to get it again after it had blown up that big (about the size of a grape or so) Youch, couldn't even walk.
: So most people don't have to get surgery, don't worry just get to the drupstore and sitz baths are good too, a little epson salt, not a lot or you will get a rash, I did that too!! Hope this helps. From Caroline

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