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Posted by Eric on April 26, 2000 at 08:20:16:

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Posted by Eric on April 23, 2000 at 18:43:11:

First a little history. I'm a 30 year old male. At age 16 I was diagnosed with major depression and was hospitalized for 3 months. My treatment included the anti-depressent Tofrinil. Among the manifestations of my depression then were pretty scary panic attacks that included depersonalization/derealization. The docs never actually used those words with me, but I learned about them later and they fit the experience perfectly. Anyway, the treatment was I would say a success. Years later though I find myself slipping once again into depression. I've managed to isolate myself just as I did years ago. I've also had some infrequent panic attacks, although NOTHING like what they were then. Sometimes they are triggered by nothing, and sometimes, as was the case years ago, they are triggered by some physical pain which I begin to worry about incessantly, wondering if the slight pain might signify something awful.

To the present. Several months ago I began to experience a twitching of my left eyelid muscles (that's certainly what it feels like anyway). It was annoying but I thought nothing of it. Then about a week ago I began to feel a slight pressure within my left eye and upper nasal area. My eyes have irritated my for years. I'm constantly waking up with a burning redness in both eyes which I assume is the after affect of a bad experience with contact lenses (they always bothered me no matter how clean I kept them). Now when the pain in my eye began, panic set in. At first I panicked that I might have glaucoma at my age. As rare as I know that is, I began to worry. Now a worse fear has taken hold. I began to think of brain tumors and my mind has not let that idea go since. I did a little search on tumor symptoms on the web and I had NONE of the symptoms. Did that stop my worrying? No. I noticed that one of the typically later symptoms is a severe headache, and so, of course, I began to worry constantly about getting them, to the point where I started to get one. Focused in the temples and forehead. I noticed that when ever I am calm, I don't get this headache.

I have since seen an ophthamologist since the pain started with my eye. I told him about the pain and my history and he didn't seem overly concerned. He noticed my eyes were extremely dry and has given me some medication for that which I have only just begun taking. I've notice also though that I am somtimes nauseas and feel a pressure in my upper nasal area and ears. Somtimes I think I notice little crackles in and around my head, my neck and ear mostly. So although the eye doctor's exam calmed me down for a bit, I'm worried again. Should I just allow him to do his thing or assume the worst and take it to a neuroligist?

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