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Posted by Gai D. on June 05, 2000 at 08:38:41:

In Reply to: Re: Where do I begin??? Please HELP posted by Carol on April 09, 2000 at 04:07:52:

How did you make out? What did your neurologist send you for. My feelings if you want to call them that, are different, some the same. Have had what I call a "jolt" type feeling for yrs off and on. Am 49 post memopausal, diabetic throid female. (medicines?). I started the hunt 3 yrs ago, got sent for an EEG, MRI, NOTHING. Then got sent to a cardio. who more or less seemed bored with me,but put me thru the motions of an echo ekg, and a holter monitor, of course, NO JOLTS during these tests, so got sent off to the world, with no answers. Then about 1 1/2 yrs ago, got put on a b/p medication for moderate hi b/p and for over 1 yr> NONE. I am thinking WOW, must've been B/P and thank GOD these JOLTS are gone. Came back in April 2x and in May, almost everyday. So I am back in the E/R with a headache to knock out a horse, ( kidding). and a negative cat scan and a negative ultrasound carotid test so far. TOmorrow is my MRI, scary stuff,but feel mildly comforted with knowledge it's probably not the brain. In fact the neurologist said I should go to the cardiologist (the bored guy..remember?) so I am going to call him myself and go there once again. I am going to insist on at least a stress test, and see what he mumbles about. The feeling is like a "pause", I can't talk, can move, think, blink do not pass out, no pain, and it feels like it could be the heart, because my pulse has been super high, maybe an arrythmia problem. It is so fleeting, and transient they just do not know what the heck to say. Keep pursuing. This same thing happened to 2 friends, and one dr. told the woman she was anxiety ridden, DUH. Well, when she got to a 2nd cardio. (after going this same brain route--negatives) the 2nd cardio. found she had a big PVC problem.
As for some of your symptoms it could be many things, even medications. I am fortunate that if this clown doesn't take me serious, I'm going into NY, that's where I'll go. Idiot dr's around here. None one listens anymore.

Good luck and keep hunting! Hope you are okay.
Gail D.: Thanks for the encouraging words, Debbie. I am determined to get to the bottom of this,
: and if the doctor does not take me seriously, you bet I'll go to another. I truly believe most
: people 'know' when something is wrong. I must admit I've learned a heck of alot on the internet
: lately, but still haven't been able to piece it all together. Hopefully, the neurologist will be
: able to. Thanks again. Carol

: : Hi I used to work for a neurologist in NJ and I think it is good that you are going to see one. Your symptoms do sound neurological. I wish you the best of luck. Be prepared to get sent for an Mri of the brain. Do not let doctors tell you the symptoms are all in your head. Keep going to doctors until one listens to you and is willing to help you.
: : Debbie Z
: : : Hi. I'll try to be brief. I am wondering if anyone has experienced the same symptoms as me and what was found to be the cause?

: : : - tingling in lower body (legs,thighs,hips,feet)
: : : - cold/burning patches (lower body)
: : : - numbness (lower left butt)
: : : - tingling (left face)
: : : - numbness twice in left side only of nose (once for the whole day, the other time for 15 min.)
: : : - dizziness (a general dizziness for 6 years, usually present to some extent)
: : : - vertigo (one horrible episode)
: : : - tinnitus (about 6 months)
: : : - head (I know this sounds insane --- a sensation of an "explosion" in my head, or perhaps I could call
: : : it a "bursting sensation". Very frightening. Has happened about 8 times since last summer. No pain involved.)

: : : Any ideas? My doctor has ordered many blood tests, and is sending me to a neurologist, and sent me for
: : : neck xrays, and is sending me to an opthalmologist to check for sjogrens. I thought alot of it sounded like
: : : mennieres, but he doesn't think so.

: : : I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 14 years, but is not convinced the symptoms are related.

: : : Any suggestions as to what could be causing these symptoms?

: : : Thanks.

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