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Posted by m.d. on January 17, 2000 at 20:49:27:

In Reply to: My dear Grandfather keeps crying. He has bladder cancer. Help please? posted by Cindy on January 16, 2000 at 19:29:05:

: My Grandfather is 76 and began bleeding rectally about 2 months ago. The biopsy revealed carcinoma. The doctor said it was a very fast growing kind that jumped from sore to sore. He did surgery to remove the cancer, but it had gotten in the bladder wall muscle and so they couldn't get it all. The doctor wanted to take out the bladder. My family wanted to try some strong herbs to see if they would kill it. The doctor gave us a month. Sometime later, he began bleeding again. The doctor went in to cauterize the bleeding area and found that is was the cancer doing the bleeding. Herbs didn't work, at least not much. My Grandfather has lost a lot of weight and is very weak. The doctor won't give him Chemo or radiation or BCG, because he is too weak. He has scheduled the removal of the bladder on Friday. He told my Grandfather to get all of his affairs in order. He was very bleak. He said that if the cancer had spread to outside the bladder wall, he was going to sew him back up without taking out the bladder. He would give him one of those bags to collect urine in through a catheter in his abdomen. Is this it? Is there nothing else to say or that could be done? What are the chances of him living through the surgery? The doctor doesn't want to wait any longer because the cancer is spreading, but my Grandfather is still too weak from the last surgery and NO Chemo! It seems hopeless. I want to know the truth. Does anyone have any information? Can he live? How long? Please help.
: Thank you.
: Cindy

you should feel free to take your grandfather to obtain another is true that radiation doesn't work that well with bladder cancer and BCG is usually used in situations before removal of the bladder is considered..chemotherapy is used in advanced cases ( metastatic cases) and though occasionally there is a response there is rarely a 'cure'..good luck!

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