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Posted by rosilita on March 26, 2000 at 19:18:31:

In Reply to: Prostate Cancer Radiation Side Effects posted by Penny K. Johnson on March 26, 2000 at 15:17:21:

: My 77 year old grandfather has Prostate cancer, and was going through 14 weeks of radiation, the last three treatments were delayed/postponed because he had such SEVERE pain in the area where the radiation had occured. Since then, he has been prescribed pain medicine, has a 101 degree fever off and on and is in SEVERE pain all the time. He has been going to doctors in Port Arthur TX, and we are concerned that the doctors there are not doing enough, we feel he should be hospitalized so we can find out what is causing the pain and fever. Does anyone out there find this situation common? We can't convince him to go to the hospital (he's very stubborn) but we can't imagine why the oncologist doesn't admit him. We want him at MD Anderson in Houston, and he insists on seeing these small town doctors?????? Please help! any advice/information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!many cancer patients, especially elderly want their treatment at home because they feel safer there.His pain could be from the radiation damage done treating the cancer, if it is the radiation it should gradually get better. the fact that he has a fever, it could be an infection, many doctors will give antibiotics as a percautionary messure because the immune system is weakened from treatment(escpecially in febers 1l1 and over) His pain should not be tolerated. Maybe they are doing the best for pain they can do at home,so he should be brought in and given something for pain releif by iv until things get better. many doctors take a bad attitude and won't hospitalize because of insurance, and they just think pain and cancer treatment go hand and hand. don't tolerate it, get him pain releif. you could consult a specialist at uinversity of texas. once consulted, he or she could oversee his treatment and tell the doctors in the small town what to do. their is great respect for the specialists in the cancer centers so most small towns are glad to follow their orders, but you must have a consult.quite often the small towns aren't up to date on the most modern treatments, type of radiation, schedule of radiation, exc.if you want to check on his treatment yourself the nci should have a treatment page(meant for doctors) this would also inculde the stage he is in. just type in prostate cancer treatment, and you should see it somewhere in there. hope this helps you. don't tolerate him being in pain!!!

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