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Posted by Ron on March 28, 2000 at 22:20:37:

In Reply to: Re: I think the Doctors have given up on my Mom(long) posted by rosilita on March 28, 2000 at 20:22:29:

: : My mother was diagnosed in September 1999 with non small cell lung cancer. She was first
: : treated with carbo and taxol along with radiation. The second dose of Taxol she had an allergic
: : reaction and almost died. She kept going to radiation. They tried another drug with carbo ( can't recall
: : the name right now) she felt really good on the drug the first week. Then her platlet count dropped,
: : they stopped all chemo, and finished the 35 radiation treatments. The tumor did not shrink as much,
: : as the doctors hoped.

: : When asked if she would get more chemo, they said it would be only if the cancer spread. Well,
: : last month they found beads of cancer forming on the outside of her lung and cancer cells in the fluid
: : around her lung. Today her doctors said they really didn't see any use in giving her more chemo
: : since she reacted so badly to it the first 2 trys. It has not spread to anyplace else yet, that they have found.
: : I feel like they have given up on her now. We have requested another doctor for the past 3 weeks,
: : but the same one keeps seeing her. We even sent the nurse to tell the other DR. that we wanted him
: : to see my mother today, but the same Dr. keeps coming in. They work on the same team, but the Dr. we
: : want seems to be more aggressive.
: : Does anyone know what drugs work best the second time around? By the way she was diagnosed
: : with stage IIIA adenocarcinoma. They were unable to do surgery. Any comments would be appreciated.
: when, you say adenocarcinoma, was it classiyed as non small cell? or as another catagory? What is her age? Have you looked into clinical trials? The blood counts droping is a typical thing with many chemo's shouldn't be a reason for droping chemo altoghether, maybe a delay until her count comes back up.does she have any other health problems that would exculde her from clinical trials? I beleive a new drug was just approved for non-small cell, but i would have to check what it is. Is this a small town hospital?

* Can you tell me what's the new drug name?

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