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Posted by Ruth P. on April 20, 2000 at 14:53:42:

In Reply to: Re: Non Small Cell - Adenocarcinoma - Stage 4 - Need help please! posted by rosilita on April 20, 2000 at 08:50:21:

: : My Mother (who is 72) was admitted to the emergency room 4/6/00, she was diagnosed with pericardium effusion around the heart. This was treated. X-rays were taken and cancer was found in her lungs. Her oncologist could not give us her "grade" of cancer but indicated it was Stage 4- Non Small Cell. The oncologist could not give us an answer as to what would happen if my Mom did not receive treatment. We are trying to decide if Chemo would benefit my mother, but I would like to give you a little background - My father passed away February 2000 and my mother is still in the early stages of mourning. My Mom also has many other health factors: cirroses of the liver (not sure of spelling), arthritis, back problems etc. I understand the oncologist must have a vision of seeing their patients live, to make them feel as well as they can feel and function as best as they can. I am worried about the emotional apsect of going through treatments. Physically, emotionally and spiritually I don't think she could handle it. Right now, she is also fatigued, her eating is nill, she has the pain/tingling in her fingers, arms, legs. If she is at this point now, and if these are also symptoms of Chemo - wouldn't it just make her worse? Any guidance/thoughts I would appreciate. Thank you in advance. Judie B.

: there is a new drug called navelbine. it is in the clincial trials stage for people who have non small cell stage 4 and are elderly. i know the ussual treatment for non small cell is brutal,combinations of taxol,etopside, radiation. this drug does not aim at a cure but the people who were in the original study lived on the average of 36 months.(i read that in their application to the fda) without treatment your mom will go very quickly(probably less than 6 months) there are a whole new type of cancer drugs called angiogensis which ibnvolve just taking a pill. they don't kill the cancer , but stop it progressing, then it becomes managable. there is one sign up going on this summer, and several others coming up. they are not toxic like chemo, but ususally they wan; you to explore other options. to look into the navalbine try a search with the words clinical its going on in many differnet locations. you could also start researching where these angiogensis drug trials might be .several of the new ones are aimed at non small cell. don't go without treatment,they go very quickly, but i too would be afraid standard treatment could kill her.

My sister had Non Small Lung Cancer.She was diagnosed June/98 and passed away Nov/98. She had Radiation treatments to the lung area and to her head, because the cancer spread to the brain. She would not have chemo, and the only thing that was offered to her was radiation.The cancer spread to her brain, bones, liver. It was a rapid growing thing, but she was not in a lot of pain. We kept her pain free, and up until 1 day before she died she talked to everyone and was well aware of what was going on. She did become unable to walk about 2 wks. before she passed away. So whatever you decide about treatment, I'm sure everyone will understand. I will keep you in my prayers.

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