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Posted by rosilita on April 21, 2000 at 15:25:11:

In Reply to: Re: Any survivors of liver cancer? posted by Jannel on April 20, 2000 at 20:02:57:

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: : : My wonderful aunt (mid50s) has untreatable liver cancer. She had surgery for pancreatic cancer 4 years ago. Does anyone know any cases of survivors of liver cancer? Doctors at MDA gave her 6 months to live. Only treatment of chemo was discouraged since it was considered worst than the disease.
: : don't know if you say its untreatable because its to spread for the liver to be resected, but i just read something on portal embolization for liver cancer. for people who had too much spread in the liver to operate a french study did embolization of the cancer, and then it was operable, then these people had a pretty good cure rate.if its all in the liver, but inoperable ask about portal embolixation its been published in the cancer sites "news sections."

: I asked a doctor listed in the "" site, and he responded that the procedure is a method used to shut blood flow throught the major artery to the liver, which would not allow the liver to bleed, in case that's the reason a liver is inoperable. Unfortunately, very unfortunately, that is not the solution for my aunt. But it certainly was worth investigating. Thanks for your suggestion, and like I replied to the expert, my aunt is now in the hands of the great physician, and at peace with that. It is extremely sad to think that we can't help, and I think cancer is so very cruel.
i am not sure bleeding was the issue in that study. if your aunt's cancer is now metastic then this wouldn't apply to her, and i do apoligize for writing back. the issue was the cancers were so widespread if they did resection too little would be left of the liver to funtion, this was why they were unresectable. i have personally experianced embolization,for a non bleeding issue and it is relatively painless. in this case perhaps cutting off some of the blood supply killed off some of the cancers, i really don't know, but perhaps this could help someonelse. its great your aunt is in the hands of a good doctor

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