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Posted by rosilita on April 23, 2000 at 10:16:06:

In Reply to: Add on to 4/20/00 Post ie: Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Stage 4 - Adenocarcinoma posted by Judie Bartoszewicz on April 23, 2000 at 05:26:47:

: First, thanks to all who have answered me. I would like to add this (as I forgot to earlier) my Mom also had colon
: cancer 3 years ago, they removed 1/2 the colon, gallbladder and appendix. Tomorow she goes for a
: bone scan to see if it has spread. I guess my question is still the same regarding Chemo. I would also like to
: ask: My sister and I are already getting burned out emotionally with our Mom. We love her so much. Just
: beind diagnosed 4/6/00 and we are already doing EVERYTHING for her. She can't drive, her energy seems to
: be getting worse already. Her meals on wheels last her 2 days sometimes. I have read soooooo much on Lung Cancer
: BUT is there anywhere I can find, what a real person actually goes through? What symptoms to look
: out for? Sometimes she just talks and doesn't make sense? Anyone - please - Thank you. Judie B.

i have been intensley researching for an elderly person who has small cell lung cancer, and has gone through some of the same things. your mother is older than this person, and the treatment had almost killed her at one point. she is in remission. i have found a lot on non small cell lung cancer while looking. there are real life drugs that are meant to be more gentle for the elderly than the traditional chemo. you just lost your father,and some of these might give you more time with her it depends how involved you want to get. there are lots of support stories on the net. you should look into navelbine it is for elderly patients at level 4.if you want to leave the state you live in and i'll leave you a number where to call. if she's currently getting chem and not making sense it may be from the chemo. this phenomenon is called "chemo brain." leave a message if you want to know about the navelbine, also there are several angigensis trials going on for non small cell lung cancer, aimed at level 4. these are real life drugs not yet on the market, they just involve taking a pill. the trials are starting out with non small cell because non small cell takes a lot of new blood supply to continue growing. these pills are based on the theroy that they stop the ability of the cancer to get new blood supply, and since non small cell takes so much blood to keep growing these may be especially effective against them. if you want to read in general about them plug in angiogensis into your search. you will find the home page. these are real drugs, with your mothers health they may take her , especially since she is in level 4 and her age may make her a bad risk for traditional chemo. let me know and i will give you the names of the institutions that are looking for level 4 non small cell. you have been through a lot just losing your dad, but if you look hard, it may not be hopless for your mom. may you have a joyus easter.

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