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Posted by Jay on April 30, 2000 at 12:12:36:

First, I think this board is helpful,I'm sure it's a great source of help, information, and support. But lately,
I have heard disturbing news, and I must voice the following. People are getting disgusted with news
that out of every dollar donated to the cancer society, very very little goes to research. With such a dread
disease, I would think you wouldn't have to pay high salaries to anyone. I'm curious to know if there are
any advancments being made. I have also heard that many times with long term survival, such as
with breast cancer, that it wasn't cancer at all. I just read where a woman in her 30s was told by
3 specialists she had breast cancer. After awhile she found a doctor and with numerous tests
she didn't have breast cancer at all. That was over 5 yrs ago, so obviously she couldn't have had
this disease. I'm wondering if all these horrible rumors are true, because, people around me
whether they are former classmates, co workers,people I know People I know of, have died of cancer.
I only know out of maybe 25-30 cases only 2 are still surviving. They speak of diets, drinking smoking.
One of our friends died at the age of 42, and loved the outdoors never smoked seldom had a drink.
Healthy eater. Another young girl of 34 died of breast cancer, never smoked but
both parents did. They are still living she died at 36. People living on the street barely get the flu. Yes,
I know they aren't in the best of health, and I don't say drink or smoke, but there seems to be more to it
than that. Iit seems like that from conception we are genetically programmed with this disease,
no matter what we do it shows up sometime in our life. Whatever we eat our drink might trigger it.
As we see through this medium we have high tech all around us. Computers practically get up walk
and do most anything. It's the 21st century yet, people are dying all around from this horrid disease.
We've landed on the moon 30 yrs. ago. A woman told me that almost 40 yrs ago she was treated for
breast cancer, and found that today people are still be treated the same way she was.
She still wonders if she ever had the disease. It's just inexplicable to me that so many are still dying,
I would also like to add some of the people I have mentioned above, had mammagrams etc, and still
it didn't help. In fact the 36 year old had a mammagram that was negative, and 2 mos. later was
diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.I'm sorry to be a grouch but I just heard of another case,
and I can't help but think in this millennium can't we find some sort of control
let alone cure. Sorry if I have offended anyone it wasn't my intention. I'm just looking for
answers. If anyone has any answers I'd be glad to hear them. Maybe it will clear up some of my doubts.
Thank you for allowing me to voice these opinions, I really am searching for answers.

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