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Posted by Rick on April 30, 2000 at 22:44:47:

In Reply to: Any survivors of liver cancer? posted by Jannel on April 18, 2000 at 14:32:38:

I personally don't know of survivors of liver cancer, but some people have claimed to have survived different types of cancer by taking herbs, changing their diet, and/or taking immune enhancing agents. I'm writing to you because of the Faith that you and your Aunt have in the "Great Physician". For those that hear this message, then is a chance for healing, beyond the power of ordinary doctors. For those that believe in the power of repetitive prayer, know that all things can be done. But we must listen, as well as talk in our prayer.

There is a chance that your Aunt could survive this cancer, against all hope give to you by the medical community. But that would mean that you would have to do things beyond what is understood by scientists of today. Some people believe that if our immune system is strong enough that the body can defeat the cancer. It is the breakdown of the immune system, that cancer develops and spreads in the first place, from what I understand. Remember that the body can heal itself, given the perfect set of conditions.

I strongly believe in avoiding processed foods. Eat only natural foods that have come from plants and animals that are not tainted with sugars, chemicals, and additives. I feel that bulk herbs that are taken properly, have great health enhancing benefits. See a health food store for books on the subject of herbs. Prayer is powerful as I mentioned above. Some people claim that MGN-3 has been great to improve their immune system, and some have felt that it has cured or diminished their cancer. I'll give you one example below of a letter from a person that has personal experience with this. I'm assuming that her tumor is cancerous. (There are many more if you do a search on the internet.)

I got this from the Lane Labs website. (I copied this letter, which is one of many that oppose the FDA's lawsuit on Lane Labs, which distributes MGN-3 supplements in this country.)

website.Author: Shirley Deming ,Sonoma,Ca. Posted: 3-1-2000 Subject: MGN 3
I have a tumor and have been taking /mgn 3 for 4 months and had no ill effects my tumor is reducing in size and I feel I will continue until my tumor is gone and I do not want the FDA or any other goverment agency denying my right to continue using MGN 3. If the government is really concerned about my health a study should be done to prove it can help.

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