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Posted by Melanie on May 17, 2000 at 16:26:03:

In Reply to: Re: Colon Cancer posted by Kelly on May 04, 2000 at 20:20:02:

: : My 82 year old father was diagnosised with stage 4 colon cancer on March 1 of this year. The colon cancer had already spread to the liver and left lung, when the tumor in the colon was removed. His life expectency after the surgery on March 1 was six months. My father didn't want chemo and/ or radiation. He died six weeks later on April 17. My question is why didn't his primary care doctor detect it sooner? My father has been seeing the doctor for stomach pain for the last year and was only given pain pills and Zantac. I beleive that the colon cancer should have been detected much earlier.

: Hi Suzanne,

: First, I want to say how sorry I am to hear about your father. I am in almost the same situation with my mom. She was diagnosed on Feb.16th, with the same diagnosis, except so far her lungs are clear. Maybe, you Father, like my Mother, did not give specific information to the doctor. Stomach aches usually are not the only warning symptom of Colon cancer. My mother chose to keep all of her symptoms from us for 3 years before she finally went to the doctor. The information they gave us was that even if she came a year or 2 before it wouldn't have made a difference. When you begin to show signs of the cancer it is already too late, the cancer could have been growing for many years! Make sure that you are screened for this horrible disease! That is the only protection from it, to catch it early!

Hi Kelly,

I read your follow-up and wanted to let you know that my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer last year and it had spread
to her liver and her lungs. She went on chemo for approx. one year and her tumour on her liver
has shrunk from 3 cm to 1cm. The nodules on the lungs which the doctor's say are not life threatening
as they are smaller then pinheads have decreased from 5 to 3. She is now off chemo for the summer
(they will monitor her) and after 3 months she will receive another CT Scan to see if anything has

I just wanted to tell you my story because I know how you must be feeling since your mother was
just recently diagnosed. Don't give up hope!


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