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Posted by diana on May 21, 2000 at 15:04:47:

In Reply to: Re: mom and a small cell lung cancer trial posted by Sari on May 20, 2000 at 19:44:19:

: : my mother was diagnosed in january of 2000 with small cell lung cancer. she went through chemo and radiation and has gone into a partial remission. we have now entered her into a clinical trial which only involves 5 vaccines. it is aimed at teaching the immune system to recognize small cell and kill it. we saw the data of the inital study and 85% of the people who took these have not have their cancer return. we would like prayers to hope this works for my mother too, and if anyone else is in a similar situation with small cell i will be glad to share more about it. thank you Where is this trial being done? I am in remission from small-cell lung cancer, but am told it will recur. I pray for your mother's recovery, Diane. From Sari
sari, thank you for your posts. it was very encouraging to hear there is a small cell survivor. i think god had you survive for a reason. the study mom is in is no longer posted with the nci, but it is still being done in many locations. it involves the use of a mouse anibody. this was developed at sloan memorial kettering. when the patient is injected they get an immunity with antibodies to this mouse formula which mimics a protien found on the surface of the small cell lung cancer.through my dad's work connections we got study results. of the original group only 1 person had the cancer come back and that was at 47 months. mom got in through a west coast oncology group which is just starting this study. it is still going on in many of the major cancer centers including mayo . it may not be listed but if you contact anyone its called the bec2 or the silva study.Maybe you already have antibodies? whatever you do thanks again for your encouragement.

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