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Posted by Ruth P. on June 09, 2000 at 16:41:14:

In Reply to: Re: lymphoma-chemo-weak legs? posted by NE on June 09, 2000 at 13:08:58:

: : I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on this subject for me. My mother has non-hodgkins lymphoma and has now undergone two sets of chemo therapy. She is still awfully skinny looking and weighs now no more than 123 lbs or so. I wanted to know if what her doctor told her is truth, or if she is just telling me this to get me off her back about eating, etc.
: : She has very weak legs now, saying that its caused by chemo? Is this true? Or could it be that she is just lying around doing nothing and has lost her muscle tone?
: : She claims she's eating, but I really don't think she is that much. Told me the oncologist told her that she may never weigh more than 130lbs now, that cancer and chemo change your system. Is this true? I have my doubts on what she tells me.
: : The sad part is that she has been given a very good prognosis, but I don't believe she is doing anything for herself, this is very disturbing. She told me that she can't exercise due to chemo, though chemo isn't making her sick. Funny isn't it? I believe some of this could be mental on her part, though I'm not sure.
: : I just wanted to know if anyone else has heard of these types of things I've explained.
: : Thank you for your time!

: My mother also undergoes chemo. She does not eat much but drinks Ensure everyday. That is a good way to continue getting
: nutrition without eating alot. My mom lost weight at first so now we are happy that she is just maintaining, give or take a pound.
: Chemo. does take alot of energy and my mom's doctor tells her to listen to her body. If she feels tired, rest. Some days will be better
: than others, depending on the day of her cycle she is in. During the down period, when blood count is low, your mother will have less
: energy than usual.

: Good Luck and try to encourage your mom to be as active as possible without being inconsiderate of the awful ordeal she is going
: through. I know if is hard on the family, but just imagine how hard it is on the patient. We are luck that my Dad keeps my Mom
: active and we also try to keep her spirits up so she does not give in.

: A positive attitute is VERY important when battling cancer.

: God Bless
: NE

I don't have NHL, but my sister does. She is in remission at the present time and has been for 4 months now. She had lots of chemo and lost a lot of weight. She drank Ensure and shakes made with Ensure and ice cream. Try that with your mom. My sister needed lots of rest while on chemo and for quite awhile after treatments were over. She still does not exert herself to extreme. She knows what she can handle. So maybe your mom knows when she needs to rest. She will gradually get her appetite back. Just encourage her to eat and take little walks. Maybe she would like for someone to walk with her. God Bless

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