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Posted by William Samueli on June 13, 2000 at 18:45:46:

When I first discovered I had bladder cancer the first thing I looked for were my options. I didn't want any shoulder to cry on, or someone recommending another doctor, I wanted to know about the alternative health supplements and therapies that were non invasive. The conventional medicine choices were brutal, and there is no guarantee. Do we think of these doctor's as scam artist, well maybe we should,did you know that the US doctors do twice as many operations as they do in Europe. Just think of it, not only are they ripping you off, but they are seriously destroying the body. I did hour's of research and came up with a few natural health products. Some worked and some didn't. Some worked for me but not for others like Haelan 951. Haelan has resently made a presentaion to the ACS due to their positive results. Do I think Haelan can help some cancer patients, yes I do, everyone, no it can't, but can Chemo or radiation help everyone? Cancer is a 300 billion a year business in this country, and the lion's share goes to the doctor and drug companies, not some poor soul who is trying to sell you green tea, or Essiac. In my very dark days of my illness I would have welcomed some one with a helpful natural product that might have saved my life. Europe and Asia laugh at us, they are far ahead of is in effective natural cancer treatments, some of which are even paid by their medical insurrance like PSK and Agaricus. So what if I lost a few bucks on some supplements that didn't work, what is it your business, if I can't pay the rent are you going to help out? Then why should you care what a cancer patient does with his treatment option? If you are not ready to chip in with a thousand dollars for my rent then don't worry about the poor cancer patient trying an alternative product. If you know how much more hope I had when I thought something "might" work to help my cancer, you would just leave everyone ake their own choice. Part of curing cancer is attitute, and when there is hope it sometimes is a good as a cure. I believe the Beatles said it best "Let It Be"

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