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Posted by rosilita on June 19, 2000 at 09:43:52:

In Reply to: breast cancer spread to lungs and liver posted by Kathy on June 15, 2000 at 02:01:46:

: My mother is a 15 yr survivor of breast cancer..responding to tamoxifin (sp?) megace, arimidex but now she has been taxol ..treatments once a week ..4 hr each. The cancer has not spread to throat, brain or bones. but one of her vocal chords is paralyzed..all doctors can say is that it is a result of the cancer..has anyone else had a paralyzed vocal it a result of the lesions in the lung pressing on a certain nerve. The other question is that the taxol is not really working...there has been a very slight reduction in lung lesions but an increase in liver lesions....and much more shortness of breath. Would taxateer (again, sp?) be more effective or if taxol doesn't work should she try the taxater and could that be effective? Thanks for any response.

i think the drug you'r asking about is taxatore. the united kingdom has just decided as a result of all their clinical study results to endorse the use of taxatore over taxol for advanced breast cancer. in their studies the survival time for women on taxatore was doubled.. i also agree with viglante herceptin has saved thousands of lives , alot has changed in 15 years since your mother was diagnosed. their also is a breast cancer vaccine for mestastic breast cancer called theratope. i know ucla has it. i don't know whereelse, i assume its other places also. also the angio drugs like endostatin they say now are looking at combining them with an immune agent like itelukin-12 to give breast cancer a double punch, they think it would be very prone to this. good luck to you, there is much more you can try.

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