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Posted by rosilita on June 19, 2000 at 21:36:34:

In Reply to: Re: Questions regarding best friends very recent diagnosis posted by Allison on June 19, 2000 at 10:28:09:

: The cancer started in the lung. It is non small cell. They are treating her with chemo every 36 weeks for 18 weeks. There is a small lesion on the liver also. They will be using radiation to treat the tumor in the brain which they say is a little smaller than a golf ball. She has a port a cath and is home now and goes for outpatient chemo. She goes each day for another injection and I cant recall the name but I think its part of the chemo treatment. She and her family are very optimistic which is great because I believe to that if you dont believe that you can beat it then you wont. I am just thinking in realistic terms and I was wondering what you may think the prognosis could be. They feel they can wipe it out but I guess I just dont know enough about it. Thanks for responding.

typically the statistics are grim. with treatment more or less a year. but i beleive those are just statistics. memerial sloan states that they have cured stage 4 non small cell, and have not had it comes back. the key is to get the most up to date treatment. the latest study results from the eastern cooperative oncology group on comparing chemo regimins is that gezmar and cisplatin gave the best survival results. there is thought adding a third could improve it. there is also a drug called triapizine which added to cisplatin is suppose to help. in a study that gave a 14% survival advantage. that drug kills only cells which are poorly oxegenated(which cancer cells are) and leaves regular ones alone. there is also thought that the new angiogensis drugs such as endostatin may work well on lung cancer because lung cancer needs a lot of blood supply to grow, and those drugs interrupt the process. i hope this helps. the key is not the statistics but giving the patient each and every survival advantage they could possible have, and also that they and their support (her family) beleives she can beat it. also if the chemo dosen't work well on the brain, there is something called raiotherapy, which is non-invasive, and would take care of the one metastasis she has. john hopkins has a center dealing with radiotherapy for lung brain metastasis.

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