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Posted by rosilita on June 21, 2000 at 09:16:42:

In Reply to: Re: Urgent Need info on (Docetaxel) Taxotere posted by Gary on June 21, 2000 at 08:24:00:

: : : This is a message from my cousin
: : : Urgent ! Searching for information from Cancer patients who have experience
: : : with Taxotere Chemotherapy for advanced lung cancer. My mother must decide
: : : before June 22nd whether or not to take Taxotere , which may extend her
: : : survival time or it could severely weaken her condition almost immediately
: : : and shorten her survival time.

: : : Any information that may assist her in making this decision would be greatly
: : : appreciated. Please respond ASAP.
: : gary, i am not a cancer patient, but do have information on some of these drugs. first, can you explain why she has to make her mind up by june 22? dr.s usually don't give deadlines, and why would a dr. consider putting her on something that might immediatley shorten her life? Most any doctors won't consider killing the cancer at expense of killing the patient? If you enlighten us more maybe someone might be able to help

: From what I have been told, she was in remission then the cancer came back. The cells are very aggressive and the doctors suggest that she only has three months to live with no treatment. The info they gave her about the drugs is that it will break down her immune system, which in turn, could have a negative effect which would cause her lifespan to be much shorter. But if the drug works, it could give her several more months to live. With this info from the doctor, she is very hesitant on her decision to take the drug. So she would like some advice from individuals who have taken the drug or individuals who know of someone who has taken the drug, and the effects of the drug. In short, she does not want to take the drug if its probability to shorten her lifespan is greater than lengthening it. I am geographically separated from my family by being on the opposite side of the planet. I do not know the exact reason of why she needs to know by June 22nd. At this point, I do not feel that was questionable. I just wanted to research this issue as soon as possible. My guess would be that the 22nd is her next appointment, and due to the aggressiveness of her cancer, they want to start treatment as soon as possible. Any information anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

ok, now i understand. i think your family has to look at the issue common sense. how is her health otherwise? Is she ambulatory? Is she eating? Does she have heart, kidney or liver problems? No doctor should eithcally put someone through that type of chemo regimine if they are bedridden and not eating. they won't make it. taxatore is the trade name for the drug docetaxel. has a lot of side effects, low blood counts, nauseau. if the cancer responds it could lenghten her life ( i am assuming its non small cell) The biggest first inital danger is a possible life threatening allergic reaction. it is made from european yew trees and some people get this reaction. the doctors need to be prepared ahead of time, which if she is in a good hospital they will. if she really is in not good physical condition there are other things that might be gentler to give her more time. if you look at the web site cybermed there are some cutting edge clinical trials that might do the same thing, but be gentler. if she is a senior citizen medicare will now pay those costs completly . if you have any other questions feel free to post again anyone that can help will.

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